5 Top Antivirus Apps for Your Phone

Technology is dynamic and ever-changing. Every day it gets more cutting-edge and even more impressive. But there’s a dark side to all of this as well. Take, for instance, your brand new iPhone 6s. Your whole life is in that phone – starting from the list of meetings you’ll need to attend this week right down to reminders to stock up on groceries before the day ends. Now, say, you lose all of it one day because of some virus that enters the phone OS. Even if you use iCloud backup, you will still need to retrieve a lot of valuable information and it won’t be easy.

This is why you need a trustworthy antivirus app for your phone. It doesn’t matter what brand your phone belongs to, it’s as susceptible to dangerous malwares as any other phone out there. As they say, there’s no such thing as being too careful.

You can get both paid and free antivirus apps in the android app market as well as Apple’s app store. Here’s a handy list of our favorite antivirus apps to pick from.

With its impressive minimalist design and stylish interface, Avira, although a relatively new player in the market, is making its mark. The free version offers a lot of options to safeguard your phone – ranging from a blacklist to filter out unwanted calls and texts to a reliable app scanner to warn you for problematic apps. The paid version is even better as it comes with frequent updates for the security system and a firmer support for your phone.

This free android app has an average rating of 4.6 in the Play Store. That should give you an idea of how well trusted it is. It does everything from scanning your files, apps and games for malware and threats to providing handy anti-theft mechanisms to keep you from losing your phone altogether. One of its most useful features is the app lock which lets you keep nosy friends or family members from invading your privacy by restricting their entry.

It is common knowledge McAfee is one of the most trusted antivirus software on any given platform. McAfee’s app for both android and iOS are no exceptions to this. Both the free and paid versions come with some very useful traits such as backups for photos and contacts. Even the free app on the iOS App Store has secure methods for tracking down your device if it ever gets stolen. Although the paid android version offers better-timed updates and improved support, the free version is as good as they come. McAfee phone security doesn’t disappoint.

Another antivirus that offers both free and paid apps, Norton is a trusted name in this space. Its remote locate feature makes it easy for you to track your device and protects it from theft effectively. It also has some nice settings for protecting the user’s privacy along with the usual protection against threats to the phone’s system.

Apart from having all the usual features of an antivirus, this app runs in the background when your iPhone is on and scans all apps, files, incoming emails for threats or malware whilst simultaneously providing backup for the data stored in your phone. Its interface is as sleek as it is user-friendly and it is truly one of the best antivirus apps out there.

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