5 Things to Pack For Your Next Island Holiday

When you are traveling, it’s always better to pack smartly. But how do you go about that? To begin with, understanding the climate of the place you are going to is absolutely essential. This not only becomes the deciding factor of the kind of clothes you need to carry but also gives you an idea of all the other items you need for the trip.

Packing your bags can be even more tricky if you are planning to go on an island for your next holiday. There are many additional details to remember, especially if your exotic venture takes you to a remote destination. 


But, worry not, we have got you covered. Here is a compiled list of things that you must pack in while on your next island holiday!

Swim Clothes

A holiday at the beach is incomplete without a dip at sea. So, the first and foremost thing to pack is at least two pairs of swim clothes. Why two? Well, so that when one refuses to dry up, you are ready with another for the next day’s splash!

Comfortable Open Shoes

If you are planning to walk on sand, then it’s best to wear comfortable flip flops instead of closed shoes. Also, many sports shoes or suedes might not be suitable for sandy surfaces. You can also opt for waterproof slippers if you want to feel the ocean waves on your feet while taking a nice, lazy stroll along the beach.

Torch and Batteries

This always comes in handy in remote islands where the weather can be unpredictable, and power cuts due to occasional storms are standard. Having a backup light can give you a lot of morale-boost while going on exploration trips around the island, especially when it’s getting dark.

Charge Bank

Carry extra charge banks to keep your phone running. Sometimes wrong sockets or electricity problems might disrupt your phone from being charged. Unless, of course, you prefer to stay off the grid!

Essentials Bag

Keep your ID, passport, cash, cards and other important items in a separate small bag. Make sure to keep it in a safe place at all times.


Getting a tan while on a holiday by the sea is good. But, you don’t want to get sunburned right? So keep a good sunscreen lotion or cream, and dab it generously before spending the day in the bright and lovely sunshine. 

Hat and Sunglass

Sometimes the tropical sun can become a bit too scorching. To protect your eyes and prevent yourself from getting overheated, show off your sunglasses and wear a hat.


Lazing around on the beach, soaking up the sun, and reading a book under the shade; seems like the perfect picture doesn’t it? So, pack one or two of your favourite books, or keep them downloaded in your phone or kindle to enjoy reading with the sea breeze on your face!

First Aid Kit

This is an essential thing, for all trips not only for the sea beach. Along with the basics, emergency medicines, and antiseptics, also keep a bug spray and insect repellants, in case you are visiting a tropical beach or exploring island forests.

Rain Jacket

As I mentioned earlier as well, the weather can be unpredictable when you are on an island. So if you are caught up in sudden torrential rain while on a hike, keep a rain jacket ready and prevent the subsequent sneezes!

Light Clothes

Try to pack in lighter or neutral tone clothes, preferably with layers that allows the breeze to play around and helps to keep you cool. 


Don’t forget to pack in a pair of towels when going for a seaside holiday. From drying yourself up to sitting down on sand, towels come in handy all the time!

Day Bag

For your day at the beach carry a tote bag or something similar to carry things like your sunscreen, towels and extra clothes after a swim.

Final Words

Match all items from your checklist and pack them up accordingly, and finally go ahead and enjoy your next sea-vacation to the fullest!

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