5 Scandals That Forever Changed The Gambling Industry

There is simply no denying that there is a stigma following the gambling industry. And, there probably will always be, and that is more than fine. It is completely understandable why some individuals would associate negative thoughts and feelings with gambling. It is not only an addictive practice, but it is one that could tear families apart. On top of this, there is always the potential for scandal and cheating. Just check out these top 5 scandals and how they changed the gambling industry forever.

Gambling industry

The 2007 NBA Betting Scandal

Who in their right mind can forget this? This was the ultimate betrayal. Here was a referee, a person that was supposed to protect players and care from the, but instead, he was abusing them to the fullest. In 2007, it came out in the New York Post that Time Donaghy was using personal player’s information for his own gain. He knew which players were going to be out and which ones were going to be playing. He would then use a secret language to top off bookies. Betrayed by someone that is supposed to protect you. It doesn’t get more shocking and grotesque than this.

Dog Fighting Ring

Maybe the above statement wasn’t exactly true. It does get more horrifying than being betrayed by the person that is supposed to protect you. And, Michael Vick proved that to be true when he got busted for running a dogfighting ring. This event also took place in 2007 when Vick’s home was raided. Police found 70 injured pit bills that all showed signs of aggression. Federal and state charges were filed against the one-time NFL star.

The Mets Manager

It is hard to find a more prolific or homegrown team that the New York Mets. And, this is why this next one came as such a shocker for tangkasnet fans. When you throw in the fact that the team was betrayed by someone that was involved with it since 1976, it only makes the situation that much more egregious. Unfortunately, this is what happened when the New York Mets clubhouse manager was fired in 2010. This was a guy that had faithfully served with the company since 1976 and now he is being charged with criminal tax fraud and stealing over two million in team memorabilia.

2009 European Football Scandal

Soccer is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world. This is especially true amongst gambling fans. And, this is probably why this one was such a big shocker. When it came to light that nearly 200 European matches had been fixed it threw both fans and players for a loop. And, what’s even worse is that 12 of these matches were qualifying ones for the EUFA Europa League. It is hard to imagine that these cheaters might have had a hand in choosing the champions.

Sumo Wrestling Fix

Sumo might not be a sport for everyone, but the ones that love it truly enjoy it to the fullest. Not only this but when most people think of sumo wrestling, they think do fat Japanese guys in tight, white rags. Well, that all completely changed in 2013 when it was discovered that 13 of these professional athletes had been involved in rigging their own matches. This is truly a disgrace to the sport and a scourge on the fans.

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