5 new Nokia phones due tomorrow; we got them now


We received a whole bunch of press photos for Nokia’s announcement in London tomorrow, and decided to share with you. Supposedly there would be five phones all focused on entertainment. The N81 gaming phone, N95 music edition with 8GB memory built in, and XpressMusic series 5700, 5610 and 5310.

Catch the jump to see them all.

N95 8GB edition — N95 with minor modifications and a black body:


N81 gaming phone:


5310 XpressMusic (slider on the left), 5610 XpressMusic (candy bar on the right):


The 5700 XpressMusic is only a black music edition of the already selling 5700, no big deal.

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  1. Please let them put a new powerful battery in those new models. My current n95 only lasts a day. Still nice work from Nokia.

  2. wow, i thought Nokia won’t produce gaming phone anymore. btw the N81 looks cool

  3. Sheesh, nothing with a full QWERTY keyboard?

  4. Are these phones available in India? if not, when they are going to be launched??

  5. does the nokia 5610 xpress music support next g?

  6. i love cock and nokia mobiles lv ya bye

  7. when are these phones going to be available in the U.S?

  8. i love the phone hope they are out for sale

  9. Thanks to you folks for locking our world with qulity fonez thus what the world needs. When will N95 8Gb reach kenya?

  10. hi can i get a soft wear for nokia 6660 and if possible con i download it and help me install it in my phone?

  11. these phones are beautiful,are they out for sales?

  12. yes they are in the market for fast sales

  13. yeap the phones are in the market,can you post in new series of ur products.

  14. nokia phones are the best phones on this earth and your new models are so far unique i just cann’t believe what exactly my is seeing in fact i don’t know what to say but you are the best among the lot but don’t you’ve any to give away freely.

  15. i need a new nokia phoo please an i am always buying nokia protuct.

  16. your phones are very nice.can i get one for free?

  17. Goldamay Ibeagwa

    i love Nokia phones.. . thanks.

  18. u guys r trying tho.but u can @ least improve on ur sound quality just like sony erricson.keep it up NOKIA,”CONNECTING PEOPLE”.

  19. what is the substitute for E90 is there something like E97

  20. i like nokia model but ther is some tiny company who are trying to copy the nokia version

  21. these phones are really nice. anyway howmuch do they cost. i would love to have one

  22. i love nokia phones

  23. i wish i can have all the phones

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