5 Great Gift Ideas for The Cannabis Lover In Your Life

Want to get something a little special for your favorite toker this holiday season? While it may be a little different than a typical tie or sweater, but why not get something they actually like, instead of saying “oh…socks…”?  Check out these great gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life.

Airtight Infinity Jars

One of the best ways to enhance the smoking or vaping experience is to store cannabis properly. Infinity airtight storage jars keep air out and block harmful UV rays. These simple jars come in lots of different sizes so that you can store plenty of cannabis. These make great stocking stuffers for anyone who loves smoking or vaping.

Rolling Tray

For the friend who is always spilling weed when rolling, a rolling tray can be life-changing. There are a variety of designs available online, and nothing says smoke buddies like a custom rolling tray with an inside joke attached. Putting together a rolling tray gift basket with papers, wraps, and your favorite flower is a great gift for anyone who prefers smoking joints.

Peak Smart Dab Rig

Want to enjoy dabs without all the hassle? The Peak Smart Dab rig offers digitally-managed heat settings and sensors that help ensure your terpenes are being vaporized at the right temperature. This one is a tad on the expensive side, but it offers an unparalleled concentrates experience.

Vapium LITE

The Vapium LITE is a high-quality, affordable cannabis vaporizer that offers maximum portability and temperature control. The ceramic induction heating system only takes 45 seconds to heat to temperature. The battery life provides 12 sessions before needing to be recharged. The Vapium LITE offers a discreet highly portable design that every vape fan can appreciate. The bowl can hold up to 0.33 grams of finely ground cannabis flower. It also provides haptic feedback when vaping. All this wrapped in a neat package for $79 makes this one of the most affordable vaping systems on the market right now. Its feature set is comparable to the PAX 3 at less than half the price.

Cali-Crusher Grinder

Most dry herb vaporizers require cannabis flower to be ground into a fine consistency for use. You’ll need a reliable grinder that offers kief collection, too. The Cali-Crusher grinder offers four chambers for collecting finely ground flower and kief for a little extra when rolling joints or vaping cannabis. There’s no substitute for a good grinder and Cali-Crusher makes some of the best available on the market. If your friend has been using one of those tiny plastic grinders or a pen and a medicine bottle, get them an upgrade this holiday season.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Want to create a cannabis-themed stocking? Consider flavored papers and wraps for smokers. Edibles like chocolate bars and gummies also make excellent stocking stuffers. Cannabis novelty items like soda and gum will also bring a smile. Stash jars, books, and other things to keep a collection hidden might be a good idea, too. Some cannabis smoking accessories that are always needed include pipe filters, pipe cleaners, and kosher salt.

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