5 Fantastic Budget Sports Cars

Sports cars are highly sought after by just about everyone, but often they are incredibly expensive. Thankfully though, it is possible to find some stylish sports cars on a budget. Here are 5 that you are bound to love, and which you can probably afford:

1) Lotus Elise

The Lotus Elise is a stunning sports car that flies when you get behind the wheel, so you might expect it to be rather pricey. Thankfully it isn’t and a second hand Elise can be found for around £6,000.

Lotus Elise Mk I-846344 (2)

2) Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 is a favourite budget sports car and one that is very affordable. For around £3,000 you can buy your very own MX-5 – a car that is a fun little two seater and a great drive.

3) Porsche 944

The Porsche 944 has great handling and a fantastic retro shape, from it pop up headlights to its bold spoiler. For less than £4,000 you can have your own Porsche – a gorgeous motor that is quite easy to maintain.

4) Toyota MR2 Mark 2

Toyota is a manufacturer known for producing reliable cars, and that is a real bonus when it comes to older sports cars, which often aren’t. But the MR2 Mark 2 is a dependable vehicle, and a striking one which is based on the 1990s Ferrari shape. Even better, you can buy one for less than £1,000.

5) Nissan 200SX

The turbocharged Nissan 200SX is a real performer on the road or the track, and it’s a nice looking car too. The Japanese engineering means it’s a dependable motor too, and a stylish, masculine one at that. You can pick up a Nissan 200SX for under £5,000 and if you do you’ll have a lot of fun.

Sports cars don’t have to break the bank, so next time you’re changing cars why not keep your eyes open for a budget roadster. Driving should be fun and in any of the cars mentioned in this post it certainly is. Plus, with spare parts and accessories from sites such as www.yourcarparts.co.uk you should be able to keep your affordable sports car running for years to come.

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