5 Best Ways to Learn About Medical Marijuana

Learning more about cannabis can be hard on the internet, especially if you’re just coming around now that more and more states are legalizing the use. Research around the plant is only just now ramping up as more countries explore the legalization of the drug. So, where can you go to learn more about medical marijuana? Check out these sources for up-to-date information on the cannabis industry.

Stainprint Cannabis 101

Stainprint is a site dedicated to cataloging several varieties of cannabis strains. But the site also has an extensive collection of articles about cannabis as a whole. Many of the articles on the Strainprint blog are aimed at beginners. Stainprint even has a mobile app for viewing information about strains on the go. The app compiles user reviews for different types of cannabis in an easy-to-read format. The result is a great resource for learning more about cannabis.


Weedmaps offers dispensary and brand information about cannabis, as well as educational articles. These articles are divided up into categories that focus on several different areas of the cannabis industry. Products and how to consume them, how cannabis interacts with your body, and laws and regulations are just a few of the topics. Weedmaps also explores several myths surrounding cannabis in its educational materials.

State or Province Resources

Cannabis is legal across Canada and much of the United States. But resources for learning about medical marijuana programs are highly dependent on where you live. For example, information pertaining to Maryland’s program may not be relevant to someone living in Oregon or Alberta. The best way to learn about local medical marijuana regulations in your area is online. State and provincial government websites are required to have information about laws posted. These websites will direct you to the resources you need to learn more.

What About Strains?

An important aspect is learning about the different types of cannabis strains. Did you know that there are three major categories of cannabis ⁠— indica, sativa, and hybrid plants. Medical strains are arranged into each category because they have different effects.

  • Indica strains provide a physical effect that can be felt in the body. These are commonly used for addressing muscle tension, relieving pain, and helping with relaxation. Indica’s are predominantly a night-time strain.
  • Sativa strains produce a cerebral effect that can impact moods and emotions. Sativa’s are popular for creating an uplifting effect that may help combat depression and anxiety. Sativa’s are recommended for daytime use since they don’t create a heavy feeling.
  • Hybrid strains are a mixture of the two that offer a balance of benefits.

Clover Leaf University

Love cannabis so much you want to make a career of it? Denver-based Clover Leaf University offers both online and on-campus classes. Students can learn cannabis culinary skills, cultivation skills, and more about cannabis consulting. The idea is to train the next generation of business owners, medical professionals, and legal professionals for the cannabis industry. The constantly evolving industry requires extra attention as emerging market trends haven’t been established yet.

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