5 Best Types Of Power Generators For Construction Sites

Power station

Most professionals think of the devices they use when the power goes out in their homes when they hear the words “power generators”. As a construction site manager, you likely think of very different applications. You rely on generators more than the average professionals who use it on occasion for electricity. If you conduct work at sites that lack electricity, your jobs and equipment depend heavily on quality generators. Moreover, generators might be required for the health and safety of a construction site. Continue reading to learn the best types of power generators for construction sites.

Portable Generators

Many construction site managers opt for portable generators to meet their power generator needs. This type of generator is easy to transfer from site to site. There are many uses of portable generators on small and large situations. Manager use them to power smaller tools and lights. Portable generators also power refrigerators and freezers efficiently. If you typically bring such appliances to job sites for your crew to keep their lunches warm, portable generators are great options. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on portable generators to power your entire site. Their power output is significantly lower than the other generators on this list. Stick to using portable generators for your smaller appliances on construction sites.

Standby Generators

In contrast, standby generators prove to be some of the most high-functioning power generators. Unlike portable generators, they output enough power to run numerous, large devices at once. Moreover, standby generators kick on automatically. For this reason, many homeowners opt for standby generators over portable ones. Business owners also favor this kind of generator because they are more reliable. Of course, they are helpful to maintain the health and safety in the construction industry. If you have a job that entails building an office complex or a home, consider using a standby generator. The device will turn on if the power goes out whether you are on-site or not. While they are more expensive than portable generators, they are more efficient for construction site purposes. Consider purchasing standby generators to produce work efficiently.

Diesel Generators

Another type of power generators to consider is diesel generators. These generators provide construction workers with power to complete various duties. These duties include peak-lopping, grid supporting and exporting energy to power grids. Diesel generators have the power to complete such tasks because they are made up of diesel engines and electrical generators. Thus, they produce high power output rates, making them great options for construction sites and oil fields. A local power generator rental company would provide these generators to keep oilfield power generation equipment running. If you need to complete complex tasks, consider this type of power generator.

Hydrogen Generators

Construction site managers utilize hydrogen generators as well. Although less commonly used, these power generators offer numerous benefits. For instance, they are safer than many other types of power generators. They come with various safety features, making them secure for transportation. Moreover, hydrogen itself is a safe fuel option although it is considered an alternative fuel option. It is non-toxic, clean and inexpensive. Additionally, this type of generator’s energy-to-pound ratio beats out numerous other generators. Keep these advantages in mind when choosing the best types of power generators for your construction needs.

Vehicle Mounted Generators

Lastly, vehicle mounted generators are great types of power generators. As the name suggests, you can mount these generators on your vehicles. Therefore, they are very convenient for construction work. If you move from construction site to construction site relatively often, you can easily transport your generators. This would transform construction sites for you since you can move with your generator, keeping it ready whenever needed. Many construction site managers avoid leaving their tools at sites overnight. If you prefer to keep your belongings with you, this type of power generator is ideal. Complete jobs quickly without risking your valuable tools with these power generators.

Construction site managers use heavy-duty power generators to complete jobs. One of the best generators to power smaller tools on-site is the portable generator. On the other hand, standby generators work well for construction work on large buildings. Diesel generators offer enough power to complete complex duties such as exporting energy to power grids. Site managers who want safe, inexpensive options purchase hydrogen generators. If you want to optimize your transportation process, consider vehicle mounted generators for another solution. Choose from these types of power generators to increase the functionality of your construction sites.

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