5 Best Remote Access Android Apps for Programmers

Are you a programmer looking for remote access android app?

A huge number of people belonging in the millennials or generation X age group desire to travel and explore the world. But traveling isn’t cheap and you gotta have a career. This is where remote work comes into picture. For your information, “4.3 million people in the USA work from home at least half the time” says a stat from SmallBizGenius. So how is it possible for a programmer to work remotely when there are several tasks requiring them to access the client’s computer?

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Here Are the Best Remote Access Android Apps for Programmers

1) TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the most popular free remote access apps in the tech community. You will be surprised to learn that it is compatible with more than 1 billion devices worldwide. To get access to a remote device, all you have to do is install TeamViewer on your Android phone. And then install another app called “TeamViewer QuickSupport” on the remote device. 

2) Splashtop

Splashtop allows you to access a Windows or Mac computer from your Android phone from anywhere on the planet. Although this is a free app, there are some really useful paid features. For instance, by subscribing to the Anywhere Access Pack you can access up to five computers at a time. You can also use the remote computer’s apps like Google Chrome. This is essential in the testing or debugging phase of a software application.

3) Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a free app to remotely access your Windows desktop computer from anywhere in the world. Although it does not have the premium features some of the other remote access apps offer, it is still one of the most reliable and trusted apps. Most enterprise-level software companies use this app to access their client’s computers via their phone.

4) Chrome Remote desktop

To setup remote access to a particular computer, you need to install Chrome Remote Desktop app on it. Although there are some bugs in this software, the app works fine for those who just wish to access a remote computer and perform operations like copy, paste, modify and delete data.

5) Unified Remote

Unified Remote is a remote access app for your Android phone. It is developed and maintained by a firm named Unified Intents.This app works on Wifi or Bluetooth 4.0. Unified Remote is preferred by those who wish to remotely access their desktop from within the workplace. Even during lunch or coffee break, you can keep an eye on your desktop with this app.

Why Do I Need Remote Access? 

Remote access app is a software that allows you to run a personal computer or a server from a remote location. When you access a computer via your phone, you can make changes to files, folders and other data on that computer. Depending on the requirement, every remote user can be permitted a certain amount of access. 

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