5 Benefits of Remote PC Access

More businesses than ever are allowing staff remote access for doing their work. People are more easily able to work from just about anywhere, whether they are in the comfort of their own home, traveling or at their favorite neighborhood coffee shop. There are five main benefits of remote access to a PC.

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What is Remote PC Access?

Remote PC access is exactly what it sounds like — it is a type of technology that gives you the ability to access a computer or even an entire network from any location. In other words, even if you are 1,000 miles away from the computer or network to which you have remote access, you can still access it and do your work without having to be physically in the office.

These days, many businesses are allowing for this technology to be a huge priority. While employees can now work from home in many industries, they still have access to the PC or network they need. This is a technology that is increasing in popularity and is no longer strictly for freelancers and independent contractors. More and more regular employees are getting the benefits of remote access as well.

Better Productivity and Flexibility

When workers have remote access to a PC, it allows them to work from virtually anywhere. As a result of not having to commute to a physical office, when they have remote access, they can stay more productive and have a good work-home balance. The flexibility it provides ensures that employees are happier and more enthusiastic, resulting in better work productivity as a whole.

Faster Troubleshooting

Giving employees remote access provides the benefit of faster troubleshooting when there is a problem with your network. As a result, you no longer require IT professionals to actually be on location to fix technical issues. When they are able to remotely access the PC or network, they can more easily evaluate and fix the problem.

Better Security

When you have remote access to a PC, it provides better security overall. Users are easily able to access information from the Internet or cloud technology, but when PC access is involved, it ensures that only those people within your company have access. As a result, you have better security in knowing that your trusted employees are the only ones with remote access. Additionally, you can have a team to maintain your network server to keep it running and secure as it receives regular backups and security updates.

Remote Access to Files

Remote access to a PC ensures that your staff is easily able to access any and all files they need to do their work. They are also able to upload their own files from their own computer as they are connected to the network at all times. As long as a person has permission and the right login credentials, they are able to do this.

Components of Remote PC Access

It’s important to know that in order for a PC to be accessed remotely, that computer must either be on at all times or at least in sleep mode. The PC must be connected to a specific network to allow employees from anywhere in the world to have access from their respective locations. For example, if your business is headquartered in New York City but has employees from Paris, those employees would obviously require remote access. Components of such access are comprised of a combination of hardware, software and a network.

When you provide remote access to your trusted employees, you are assured of business running more smoothly.

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