5 Activities You’re Never Too Old to Pick Up


A lot of people think once you hit a certain age, you’re too old to learn anything new. This is blatantly untrue. Of course, there are certain activities that do have age limits. For instance, you can’t take part in your state’s Under-Nineteen competitive swimming contest if you’re thirty or start a career as a doctor when you’re a fifty year old tax lawyer. But that doesn’t mean everything is off limits.

Growing older comes with perks and hindrances. As we grow older we grow wiser and more mature. But both our body and mind start becoming weaker with age. Taking up new things to learn and do can be hugely beneficial even if you think you’re too old to do them.

  • Drawing/Painting. Have you never drawn or painted before? Never even picked up a brush? Don’t let that stop you from taking up drawing, sketching, painting or even pastels at whatever age you feel like doing it. Art is not only a worthy passion but an extremely effective stimulant for the brain. In fact, it has been found that people who pick up art later in life are a lot less likely to suffer from memory and cognitive problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Learning a language. Like art, learning a new language later in life has proved to be a good influence on the minds of the elderly. You might think it’s tedious before you start, but learning a language from scratch can be fun and it will improve your mental skills and memory.
  • Becoming a bookworm by passion. Never been much of a reader? Well, now’s your time to start! Books contain wealth of information, knowledge, wisdom, imagination and creativity that should be perused by everyone who has the capability of doing so. There are so many different kinds of stories to pick from – just pick a book that appeals to you, start reading and let time do its job.
  • Playing golf. This is a sport that doesn’t require much contact or movement. Even if you think you’re bodily weakened or feel tired after little physical activity, golf shouldn’t be hard for you.
  • Pick up baking. Unlike cooking, baking doesn’t require too much exposure to fire. It’s fun and light, and produces delicious results that you can eat yourself or treat others with. You’re never too old for quick gratification and baking will let you have just that.

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