5 Absurd but Real Reasons why Instagram is Turning to be a Shallow and a Dark Place

One of the most popular and trending social media apps is Instagram. Instagram is that virtual life where one is connected with every person in their life even though they never talk. It is addictive and more than addictive it has become a habit of every person who uses it frequently. These days, it is not just a social media or a connecting app but it has slowly and gradually transformed into a global marketplace and a successful business tool. Since the online business is increasing like anything, every retailer and a business person makes his business live on Instagram for popularity. Also, bloggers are the majority who earn their lives through Instagram followers. But, apart from the fashionable and the cool lifestyle which one shows and lives in this social media, is not always on the positive. It is not always good in the hood as it seems. Instagram is generally becoming a very shallow and a dark place and here are the few reasons for it


As I said, this social media is flooded with the fashion bloggers and the celebrities feed. They have the most number of followers and hence they are extremely popular on Instagram. They post their perfect pictures which are made perfect by undergoing several beauty filters. They get clicked by the professional photographers in the perfect light in the best outfits. And the regular update of their feed brings insecurities in the minds of the normal girls regarding their appearance and looks. They start feeling unhappy and conscious about themselves.

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In today’s’ generation, traveling and exploring is becoming very popular. And on an average, people tend to travel once or twice a year. But the travel and the fashion bloggers are paid for traveling and hence they visit various places and post their holiday pictures. And this creates a feeling of being lifeless and aimless in many people’s mind. They feel they are not earning well and not living their life properly.

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Most of the people are in a habit of posting their relationship statuses and pictures very openly on Instagram. We can understand, it is every person’s personal life and personal space and one can post anything that they want. But this, in turn, can make some person extremely disturbed from soul if they are dealing with any relationship issue or any such thing.


People post their pictures and videos on Instagram to get maximum likes. And it is a true and a common fact that fewer likes on a picture make a person really worried and sad. They get bothered about it so much that they even take down their posts in case of fewer likes. It is a matter of shame for them. We are somehow competing in this way with others and also we are depending on someone else for our worth.
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You may not a get perfect selfie always, unlike your friend but that does not mean she is better than you in any way. These kinds of insecurities and jealousy issues must be removed even before they pop in your mind. You getting more likes than your friends or more followers do not make you win the case, in anyway.

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These were some of the absurd but real reasons that why Instagram is becoming a shallow and a dark person for everyone who is an Insta fam. We recommend you to use these apps for fun and do not take them to the heart.

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