3 Underrated Ways to Market Your Tech Startup Successfully

Anyone who starts a tech startup knows that the competition is incredibly tough. As such, it is essential that the startup markets itself in a way that it attracts the attention of a large number of people. We are so engrossed with doing what is currently working, that we forget the means that have existed for so long and still perform great.

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I have already talked about how to market your tech startup on a low budget, but these are the promotional methods that people are forgetting, and people who remember are still gaining eventual benefits from them. So, if you are drawing up the marketing strategies for your tech startup, then these tips will help you in launching your company successfully.

1. Press Release

A traditional way to introduce a business or make company information public has been a press release. And for your tech startup, a press release is definitely a good idea since it will provide wide exposure for your company at the beginning. 

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when preparing your press release strategy –

  • Make sure that you do hire a good PR firm to handle your press release so that it is distributed to as many outlets as possible.
  • Make sure that the first press release covers information about the launch of your tech startup and be sure to write it by taking into account these four important considerations
  • what is your product or service
  • how is your offering different from the competitors
  • how will the product or service benefit the users
  • and who will benefit the most by using it

As long as you address these questions, you will be able to create a highly impactful press release.

2. Sponsor a Cause

People love to support causes that stand for something they cherish like freedom, love, justice, and so on. Massive events are held every month for causes ranging from women’s rights, anti-war campaigns, the right to basic income, and the fight against racial discrimination; all such passionate causes tend to attract a large number of following. You can benefit from this by sponsoring one of their events.

However, do make sure that you lend your support to a cause that reflects the nature of your business. Otherwise, the sponsoring effort might go to waste.

3. PPC Campaigns

An often used and most effective way to spread your brand name among people is by running PPC campaigns. It is arguably the most effective form of online marketing. It works on a pay-per-click basis as its name suggests. When ads are clicked on by a user, the advertiser pays a fee to Google.

The biggest advantage of a PPC campaign is the fact that you can pretty much run a highly targeted promotional campaign. And as a tech startup, this is extremely important since you will probably have a limited advertising budget.

Final Thoughts

Just because there are new ways that work, doesn’t mean you should go back and reassess the ways that already exist. You might tap into undiscovered potential and find a new breakthrough for your products. Do not stop yourself from trying any promotional method out because others aren’t doing it. Do what others are but also do what others aren’t if you want to reach where others haven’t.

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