3 Books That Will Put a Smile on Your Face During Quarantine

Books hold the key to open a whole new world in front of you. Whether you are trapped inside your home or sitting in a rolling green meadow, through the pages of a book, you are transported into your imaginations where everything has limitless possibilities.

If you think about it when you were reading J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books as a child, didn’t you start believing in magic? Or when you pick up Sherlock Holmes, the detective in you starts investigating as well, isn’t it? 

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Books have this immersive power that liberates you irrespective of your current circumstances. So dust your glasses and take a look at these three heart-warming books on life and the charm it holds.

1. Brida

Written by Paulo Coelho, Brida captures the mystery of life and its philosophy through the eyes of a young Irish girl. The book takes you on a captivating journey that blurs the lines of magic, mysticism, and the lessons of the human soul.

Brida’s search for knowledge and purpose resonates within each one of us who has ever questioned: “Who am I?” Paulo’s storytelling, together with the brilliance of deep philosophy, makes you reflect. So, go ahead and take it up today as it’s worth a read.

2. The Kite Runner

This book by Khaled Hosseini, brings about the story of a young Afghani boy, Amir and his friend Hassan. The story is set in the backdrop of a war torn Kabul and upholds the true value of Afghani life.

With beautiful descriptions alongside occasional hints at the socio-political situations, including the ruthless Taliban regime, Kite Runner is an amazing read.

Embark on a journey of emotions, childhood, war, and the pangs of growing up, in this literary marvel of Hosseini.

3. The Room on the Roof

The first novel, written by Ruskin Bond, The Room on the Roof, captures the essence of life in the laps of the Himalayas. Set in the beautiful town of Dehradun, in India, the book traces an enduring tale of 16-year-old Rusty.

Rusty lives with his guardian after his father died. However, the strict rules laid down by his guardian makes him feel trapped, without any freedom. To escape this, he runs away to live with his new friends. 

This story is woven in love, compassion, and childhood innocence, Ruskin Bond takes you down the memory lane through it and leaves you in a world of vivid and vibrant descriptions. 

Concluding Thoughts

     You can choose whatever book you want to pick, but never stop reading. Books have the power to take you away from all the worries into a world of its own. So, grab your books and start your reading journey today!

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