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Boston’s Berklee College of Music is a seriously forward-looking place. Unlike the traditional New England Conservatory down the street, at Berklee they’re all business?and business, in music, is technology. Students are trained in the latest musical tech, from studio tools to electronic instruments. They even have a summer program in creating music for video games?an increasingly important (not to mention lucrative) side of the biz. But that doesn’t mean that Berklee students are all about technology. No, not at all. But it shouldn’t surprise us that at Berklee, even a cappella music gets a tech-culture twist.

[via WBUR]

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  1. Interesting post. Nothing says “forward-looking” like a mediocre arrangement of children’s music…

    Regardless of the musical choice, a cappella music can still be sung well… which this clip is not. There are technical aspects of singing that transcend all forms of music. It might behoove this ensemble to address vowel formation, breath support, balance, blend, dynamics, and phrase shape. It might behoove this conductor to address hand position and consistency of the beat pattern.

    All of the aforementioned musical aspects can be studied at NEC.

  2. You do know this is an extra-curricular student run club, right? And that this is rehearsal footage? That the students arrange the pieces themselves, and that most of these students aren’t voice majors, they are music tech students. This article isn’t about a capella choirs and how good or bad they are or can be, it is about the technology-centered school and how unique the choir is for only singing music from video games.

    Just making sure, cause I don’t want anyone getting “aggravated” for no reason. Well, I guess there was a reason, so sorry that this article offended your school.

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