1TB hard drive from Seagate? Now you can pirate more!

seagateFour! That’s how many patters the new Seagate hard drive will have when it comes out in the first half of 2007. Why four? Well, right now there is 250GB of storage per platter (which is why the three platter disks are maxing out at 750GB), and this new hard drive is planned to be an entire terabyte. That’s right, 1TB for your media storage needs. So, is it going overboard? Definatly not. As longs as the hardware works and there is a demand (which there is), there should be no reason why it shouldn’t be produced. As hard drives get bigger and media quality (and file size) is skyrocketing, one of the biggest restraints on us is the speed with which we can transfer this data. Whether over the internet, or from hard drive to hard drive, transfer speeds need to get a kick in the pants. This new 1TB hard drive is said to feature a rugged, shock-absorbing design and be fairly quiet. That’s to safeguard your data just in case you happen to die on your favorite game and kick your computer. No pricing details, but it will probably be (and logically should be) well under the cost for two 500GB hard drives.

Seagate’s 1TB hard drive will be our second generation 3.5-inch hard drive to feature capacity-boosting perpendicular recording technology, and it will use fewer heads and discs than similar-capacity products we expect to see from our competitors. It is clear that fewer heads and discs, along with our proven perpendicular technology, can increase drive reliability, and also reduce operating temperatures, power consumption, noise, and weight.

Nik Gomez

Seagate [via CrunchGear]

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