12 Must Have Accessories For Your Phone!

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Let’s think of it this way, you buy an amazing dress it’s perfect in every way possible but will you wear just the dress? No right? With the perfect dress you have to have the perfect accessories to complete the look. Same goes with our smartphones you may buy the latest and best one but without the right accessories you may not be able to enjoy all the phone has to offer completely. Accessories help utilize your phone to the fullest and make it look good too! Here we have for you 12 accessories that are a must have:

1. Power Bank

If you’re an iPhone user you know this one is the most essential accessory your phone needs! For the other phones not as much but this accessory is still extremely important. It helps you loads when you must travel for long periods or don’t have access to an AC power supply. Some power banks have additional ports which can be used to charge other devices as well.

2. Car Mounts

These are seen in most cars now days. Getting anywhere these days requires assistance of the ever-reliable Google Maps. Travelling long distances is almost impossible without the assistance of Maps. But you can’t hold you phone and drive, now can you? For this purpose, another essential accessory is a car mount. It handles you phone for you and you can attach it in any place in your line of vision. It helps you have a comfortable drive without the risk of accidents caused by distraction when handling the phone.

3. Selfie Sticks

We need these! Taking the perfect selfie is task which is very important now. And to get the perfect group selfie you need a selfie stick! A Bluetooth selfie sticks allows you to take your selfie by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth all you need to do is press the button near the handle of the stick to get the perfect click.

4. OTG Flash Drives

The USB OTG drives have been in the market for a while now and are important phone accessories. It has two different pins one mobile friendly and the other computer or laptop friendly. To transfer files all you need to do is insert the mobile pin of the USB and transfer files. These files are now a part of the USB and can be used whenever. It can be to the mobile what the hard disk is to the computer. A device which stores data that isn’t fitting in the mobile.

5. Earphones

This has been the most essential accessory for the longest time and rightly so! All phones come with a set of earphones but most of the times those aren’t good enough. Buying the right set of earphones helps make your music experience heavenly.

6. Gaming Controllers

While most of the games are available on touch screen they’re much more fun when you use the controller! Racing games on touch just don’t give the same feel. This accessory is a must for gaming enthusiasts!

7. Covers

Most phones are available in the classic black, white, blue and gold these days. But if you want to funk your phone’s look up a bit, you need to have a cover. Phone covers come in a great variety with really cute designs and colours that enhance the look of your phone.

8. Tempered Glass

Screen guards are passé now. Everyone wants to protect their screens with tempered glass these days which is tougher better- looking version of the screen guard.  Even though most phones come with Gorilla glass these days we can’t help but be a bit overprotective about them. Which is why having this accessory is a must.

9. Portable Speakers

The speakers of smartphones generally aren’t loud enough for a party or just a simple gathering. This is when portable speakers come to your rescue. They are easy to carry around (if you didn’t get that from the name). They connect to your phone easily via Bluetooth. They need to be charged from time to time but not as much as your phone would if it plays music on full volume!

10. VR Headset

This amazing phone accessory transports you into a virtual world. To enjoy a 3D experience on your phone all you need to do is put your phone in the headset and wear it. Then you can play any video you like to experience it as if you’ re really there!

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