11 Animal GIFS You Have to See

We may spend a little too much time here at GearFuse looking at funny GIF’s and Youtube videos…although most of us will tell you that it’s for “research purposes” only. This morning we want to share a little of that research with you as we take a look back at 11 of the best animal GIF’s we’ve seen in a while.

1. The ultimate party foul…

Sealions Falling

2. This whale has his own plans for today’s show

Shamu Wipeout

3. This cat has some serious Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde stuff going on

Cat Attack

4. Ralph just couldn’t help  himself

Penguin Pushing

5. Jackson was just sick and tired of bringing the ball back only to have his people throw it again!

Fetch Failure

6. Louie needed to teach his human when enough was enough

No More Petting

7. Crazy Pug has his eye on you!

Crazy Pug

8. Timber had never been very good at sharing…

Not Sharing Treats

9. Aggravated mama kitty can’t take anymore

10.  OCD Otter doesn’t play around

OCD Otter

11. Carlos just couldn’t stick to his new diet…

Dog Stealing Pizza

Via animalsbeingdicks.com

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