10 Ways You Know That You’re A Computer Nerd

If you are a true computer nerd, then chances are that you already know it and make no qualms about it. Just in case you are wondering though, here are ten ways that you know you’re a computer nerd, as written by a computer nerd.


Nerd Glasses

You might just be a computer nerd if…

1. You know more people online than you know in person.

2. You meet new people by fixing their computers.

3. You know more than one programming language.

4. You have a drawer full of spare computer parts.

5. You can convert English into hexadecimal, binary and octal.

6. You talk to your computer.

7. You instant message people in the same room as you.

8. You get anxious at the thought of talking on the phone rather than e-mailing someone.

9. Your idea of a good Friday night is a coding manual and a bucket of coffee.

10. You will wait in line overnight for the newest Mac OS.

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