10 Useful Computer Features for Productivity

10 Useful Computer Features for Productivity

Looking into computers, productivity, and the tools to get there? One of mankind’s finest achievements is the computer. It’s one piece of technology we rely on almost daily, but a computer is even more resourceful with the tools that lie within it. 

There are so many features associated with computers. Although they serve to make you productive, it can sometimes be counterintuitive as there are so many programs to maneuver that you may not know where to go. 

Luckily, we’ve identified the best tools and features out there! Here are the top 10 computer features that can help make you productive. 

1. Screen Recorder

One of the best tools you can download for your computer for high productivity is a computer screen recorder. If you’ve ever asked yourself how to record my computer screen, there are several programs out there to help. Some may even come with your computer, so take a look at what’s installed.

2. Screen Savers

A computer comes stock but does not need to remain that way.  Ditch the stock beach photo and boring logo, and optimize that screen real estate for more value!

You can turn on widgets that can give you live information, keep an eye on your investments, current news, and always have an eye on that weather. Indeed, a desktop can serve as a useful reminder and hub for information. Make that screen give you all the details for the day right off the screen saver!

3. Organizing Your Desktop

Let’s be honest – we tend to add a lot of junk to our desktops, turning it into a dumpster pile. The junk that piles up in there and then never sees the light of day can be staggering.  

If organization just isn’t your forte, a desktop wallpaper organizer can seriously help. It puts your files in the rightful place. It comes in all sorts of variations, so pick and choose your favorite one and that way you can easily find all your files! Be sure to group your files into folders and label them to make the most out of this feature.

4. Shortcuts 

Instead of going through multiple menus to do the same actions repetitively, use your keyboard! The shortcuts on there can be programmed through your system preferences.  

5. Browsing Efficiently  

If you’re spending a lot of time on the internet shopping, working, studying, etc., you can be making the most effective searches by adding tab extensions to your internet browser. 

Unlimited Extensions on Chrome add the quickest access to your web searches, comes with every sort of creative reminder, background photos, and even quotes to get you through the day. 

6. Staying on Target

The luxury of computers is the ability for them to accomplish unlimited capabilities. With those capabilities are unlimited distractions. 

How do you keep your eyes on the prize and accomplish your goals?

Ads can be the easiest to remove. Chrome extensions allow you to add, block or pocket. Another extension worth adding is the Social Fixer to keep social media feeds focused. 

7. Combine Your Messaging Channels

Messages can be found all over so many different platforms. It’s so important to be able to respond to all those messages all in one place to save time from swiping between them all. Luckily, we have the app for you. 

Franz is the best condenser of all your chats: WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Skype etc. The great news is you can have multiple accounts so it doesn’t have to be solely personal. It can be useful to separate work and personal life. 

8. Extending Battery Life

Everyone could use some extra power. Battery managers will get you there. Access the advanced controls by downloading FrutJuice for Mac or Battery Care for windows. These apps will optimize your device for battery savings. 

9. In the Clouds 

Long behind us are the days of CD ROMs and USB sticks for saving and sharing your favorite files. We now turn our heads to the clouds. It can be time-consuming when you need to find a certain file if they are stored in different places.

With a service like Otixo, you can now find all your cloud files in the same location. It has multiple connection sources, including Google Drive, Amazon, iCloud, OneDrive, etc. You can even search all the clouds in one search bar!

10. Security

With files and personal information, you want security. Putting that online firewall is helpful but you can go above and beyond to make sure your vital info never falls into the wrong hands. Beef up security with a delightful app called Authy. This one-of-a-kind exclusive security app has a factor authentication control, making life so much easier because of secure sign-ins.

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