10 Crazy Stunts That We Would NEVER Do

Have you ever seen a stunt and thought….yeah, no way. So have we so today we are sharing 10 crazy stunts that we would absolutely NEVER do. Call us chicken, we don’t care.

1. Crossing the Grand Canyon on a high wire  WITHOUT a safety harness…hell, we wouldn’t do it with a safety harness either.

2.  Bungee jumping from a 220-meter Swiss dam a la Goldeneye…yeah…just, no.

3. Skydiving in a wingsuit and no parachute before falling 2,400 feet and crash landing in to 18,000 cardboard boxes just like Gary Connery. WHY?

4. Scaling the exterior of Taipei 101 in Taiwan without a safety harness. It may have worked for Alain Robert the human spider man, but we’re keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground.

5. Sliding down 21 stories of glass just like Jackie Chan did at the Willemswerf Building in Rotterdam for his movie “Who Am I?” We’re pretty sure all the urine we left in our wake would make it a little slicker to slide though.

6. Being shot 200 feet as a human cannonball like David “The Bullet” Smith Jr. If we were meant to fly out of cannons, we’d look like cannonballs.

7. Being set on fire…even in a fire suit with extinguishers and firemen standing by. We’re pretty sure there’s plenty of the hot stuff waiting for us after this life, we aren’t looking to invite anymore of it during life.

8. Wing walking on any plane, at any height, with any amount of safety gear on.

9. Being covered in ANY amount of spiders of any size. Come to think of it being covered in mass amounts of pretty much anything sounds pretty harrowing.

10. Eating things that should not be eaten ie: glass, swords, nails etc. They’re inedible for a reason guys!

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