March 3, 2015

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The Bong Mask is the Next Step in Pot Smoking Technology


Greetings “medicinal” marijuana “patients.” Have you been looking for a better way of ingesting every last puff of “medicine” that escapes your bong? The Bong Mask straps across your face and surrounds your respiratory system with sweet, sweet pain relief. Now all we need is intravenous cookie dough and we’re good to go. Get your own from Thanko for around ... Read More »

An MP3 Player That Goes Straight Into Your Ear

Thanko might not be known for their practicality, but I think they might be on to something for once. Their Micro Sports MP3 Player looks more like a Bluetooth headset. The device fits right into your ear with a built-in earbud. It’s that tiny. Available in 2GB and 4GB flavors, the Micro Sports MP3 Player looks a little chintzy, but ... Read More »

Peeing USB Wee Man Wants To Go Number One All Over You

Hey, at least he isn’t pooping. This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You plug it in. He pisses. End quote. Oh, and you don’t even need a USB port. Batteries are also fine for some authentic pissing action. Thanks so much Thanko for another irreplaceable and essential gadget. What would we do without you. Link [via] Read More »

CATBUD Headphones Give You Kitty Ears

Clearly not for the ardent audiophile, these CATBUD headphones, while likely not offering crystal clear sound, will make you look a little like a kitty cat thanks to the furry ears attached to the set. If you get really bored on Halloween and find yourself in need of some sort of distraction from all of the greedy candy obsessed kids, ... Read More »

Thanko USB Cigarette: Mmm, Mmm Smooth

Doesn’t it suck when you get stuck with a shitty new roommate? You know the type I mean. The ones who demand that we can’t puff away at smokes all day indoors like we’re accustomed to. And we just got our brand new lighter too! Who do they think they are? The government? As they usually do, Thanko has come ... Read More »

USB Breast Warmers Are Gearfuse-certified

Hi, I’m Doctor Vincent Veneziani B.D.. I’ll be your breast doctor for today. Please remove your shirt. Thanks. Hmmm, good feel. Nice and firm. Not too big. I’d say you’re healthy. What’s this, though? You’re always cold? No problem. Try these USB breast warmers out. Where did I get them? Where else? Thanko! Just plug them in and I promise ... Read More »

Stupid Earring Headphones

Japanese company Thanko just came out with a new set of headphones that clip to the bottom of wearers’ earlobes like earrings. Thanko’s headphones seem to be the exact opposite of noise cancelling and, frankly, they look pretty darn stupid. If they were wireless, these things really would lbe like earrings, but as is, they just look like standard headphones ... Read More »

Thanko Very Much: USB Heated Mousepad

What better way to warm that right hand up? Plug in this cute, blue fish from Thanko and let ‘er rip. Just keep your hand inside while you use the mouse and you’ll be hotter than Sarah Palin. Of course, there’s a good chance you’ll get skin cancer or a weird rash from it but who’s counting? $22 and the ... Read More »

Thanko Face Cooler Mask Also Saves You From SARS

The SARS panic might be years behind us, at least as far as pandemics go, but face masks are making a come back. I’m telling you. Don’t believe me? Check out this Cooling Face Mask from Thanko. Powered right from your USB port, the mask gives you 51-inches of breathing room. Go any further and you’ll be dragging your computer ... Read More »