Stupid Earring Headphones

Japanese company Thanko just came out with a new set of headphones that clip to the bottom of wearers’ earlobes like earrings. Thanko’s headphones seem to be the exact opposite of noise cancelling and, frankly, they look pretty darn stupid. If they were wireless, these things really would lbe like earrings, but as is, they just look like standard headphones that fit funny.

I guess Thanko is hoping that women have been looking for a new style of headphones. I can’t imagine that there are girls who think this would look good or that there are people who want to sacrifice sound quality to look like a total d-bag. On the other hand, Thanko did make a pair of these that are decorated with a cute cartoon panda. People love cute animals, so maybe these stupid headphones will manage to be a hit.


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  1. i think they are kinda cute. Thanko has an english online purchase site called rare mono now.

  2. i’m getting these because i dont like an entire piece of plastic shoved into my ear, and wearing a headband or anything over my ears is discomforting. plus when i ride my bike, i want to be able to hear other things around me than my music. i think its great !

  3. from the stand point of a runner these would make perfect sense…as when i run i can’t for the life of me get my headphones to stay in my ears..i would like a pair!

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