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History of Mario Wall Clock

More than 25 years after his first appearance, Mario is still going strong in the world of gaming. He’s probably the best known gaming character in the world and his popularity continues to grow with every new generation of gamers. This awesome History of Mario Wall Clock starts at the beginning with the original bittastic Donkey Kong Mario, and continues ... Read More »

Human Skin Rug: The Most Disturbing Rug Ever

Designed by Chrissy Conant, the Chrissy Skin Rug is actually a very personal creation by the designer, signifying her relationship with her parents or some other mommy-daddy-type issue. I’m more focused on how disturbing this thing is. It sort of looks like a slaughtered blow-up doll. If there was a blow-up doll serial killer, their home might feature a rug ... Read More »

Shark Bean Bag Chair Nips Your Tushy

The Coppertone girl would have been in some serious trouble if instead of a cute little black doggy, there was a very hungry shark targeting his teeth for her buttocks. The Shark! Bean Bag Chair illustrates what it might have looked like had the Coppertone girl been in the ocean, rather than on the beach. There’s nothing more comfortable than ... Read More »

Cupcakes for Zombies

OM NOM! Made using red velvet raspberry cake, french vanilla cream cheese frosting and a chocolate brain, baking extraordinaire Pamela created these awesome Brain Cupcakes, perfect for zombies who’ve gone vegetarian. The extra little splatter gives it that “just scooped out of the skull” look. Read More »

Donkey Kong Shelves Are Worth the Asymmetry

Asymmetry is a big no-no in the world of interior design. But much like any other rule, there are exceptions. This Donkey Kong shelving idea is definitely not symmetrical, but the dash of gaming culture it adds is SO worth it. Anyway, the asymmetrical parts sort of cancel each other out. Am I right? It brings Donkey Kong from the ... Read More »

Lightsaber Chopsticks Might Cook Your Sushi

What’s more important to you? Looking cool or eating sushi that is actually technically sushi? These Lightsaber Chopsticks might cook your sushi, so it might be more of a seared salmon and rice type dish. These ChopSaver chopsticks are available in red, blue and green colors and are likely to break a few plates over the years. Our advice? Don’t ... Read More »

Marvel Comic Book Cover Mural

Featuring Marvel comic book covers by such titles as Spider Man, X-Men, Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Human Torch and Wolverine, and interwoven with both new and classic issues, this Marvel Comic Book Cover Wall Mural is essential for comic book fans. Available in 9 x 15 ($255) and 6 x 15 ($155), ... Read More »

Popcorn Basketball Bowl Shoots Hoops With Your Kernels

This Popcorn Basketball Bowl is specifically designed for the sportsman. The armchair sportsman that is. With a little nook for your remote and an icy brew, this massive six quart bowl features a special spoon on one side which catapults the kernels towards the popcorn basket on the other side. $25 for sports snacking awesomeness. Link [via] Read More »

Bungee Jumping Clock

Here I am, scared out of my wits about anything too extreme for my fragile geeky body, and this poor little guy, measuring a tiny fraction of my size, bungee jumps 24 times a day. I feel ashamed. Very ashamed. The Jongchul Kim’s Bungee Jumping Clock features a little man who jumps out of his little cubby and bounces around ... Read More »