March 1, 2015

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Cthulhu Blanket Eats Your Baby Whole

I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be wrapping my baby up in the arms of Cthulhu. Crocheted or not. Who knows, maybe the common conception of Cthulhu as a monster is incorrect. Maybe he’s just a misunderstood daycare employee. Still, something about Cthulhu makes me hesitant to trust the fictional creature with a child. I’m pretty sure it’s the tentacles. ... Read More »

Xbox Controller Chair Made Out of Cardboard

Like a lot of geeks out there I have a constant stream of crap being shipped to me from various internet companies. But I’m getting sick of just chucking all of the cardboard away. There has to be something productive we can create using all of our excess boxes. And then I came across this and I had a “Eureka!” ... Read More »

Create 3D Illusion with Simple Black Vinyl Wall Stickers

An excellent idea for adding some extra depth into your home or apartment, a simple black vinyl wall sticker can transport your light switch into a 3D optical illusion. I’m sure you could pull this off with some plain black tape. You probably don’t even need to buy a special kit for this. Read More »

I Don’t Believe in Haunted Animated Books

As a self-declared skeptic, I refuse to admit the existence of these Haunted Animated Books. Theoretically, the books move and slide from their spot when someone passes by, with the purpose of creating the illusion of a so-called ‘ghost,’ which doesn’t exist I might add. I suppose they would be a nice touch to your bookshelf on Halloween if the ... Read More »

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Cake

I call the penis! Check out this incredible cake, expertly decorated to resemble the iconic image of Han Solo frozen within a block of carbonite. Now Darth Vader really can have his cake and eat it too. That is, unles Jabba gets to it first. Read More »

Cube Office Desk with Strategically Placed Storage

What is it about cubes that activates our innate geeky attraction? Does it have something to do with our natural attraction to Geometry and segmented squares? I don’t know, I was never great at math. But what I do know is that anything involving cubes usually catches my eye. This Matthius Pugin’s Cube Office Desk is particularly awesome because it’s ... Read More »

Humane Hunting: Mounted Plush Heads

Poor, poor stuffed animals. I had to hold back my vomit when I saw these Mounted Plush Heads. Surely the result of a camping trip to the plush section of Toys R Us, I just can’t understand the allure of shooting poor, defenseless plushies, humane or not. Be sure to coordinate your puke so it doesn’t hit your keyboard. The ... Read More »

Sleep Aid Toothpaste

Pearly Dreams toothpaste was made to help you sleep. In other words, brush your teeth with this stuff and say goodnight. You’ll be lucky to make it to your bed. Containing a cocktail of Melatonin, Balm Mint, Valerian and Passionflower and endorsed by Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford (wtf?), Pearly Dreams promises a long night of unconsciousness. Or you can just drink ... Read More »

Colored Pencil Wall Display Made of 500 Pencils

Social Designer created this Colored Pencil Wall Display, using 500 colored pencils and mounted plastic casings to create not only a work of gradient-inspired wall art, but a totally convenient way to grab your pencils. Not only does it look really neat, but it’s sure to save some space as all your coloring implements are in one place. It’s going ... Read More »