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Lego PC Mod Pieces Together A Winner

We’re not too sure that Lego Gandhi would approve of the use of Lego’s as a case mod for a PC, but what does he know? The guy is made of friggen Lego pieces. Whatever he might think, we certainly think the Lego PC case mod is one for the Gearfuse book of sick mods. The Lego enclosure holds in ... Read More »

UbuntuBox: Worst Case Mod Ever, Hands Down

At first glance, this “case mod”, if you can call it that, looked like the box I carried my belongings off to college with. Look a little deeper and you see that this box is actually a working computer. The UbuntuBox has got to be the ugliest damn case mod of all time. Isn’t there some sort of reward for ... Read More »

Amazing Turntable Desktop PC Mod

Just insane. That is a perfect description of this gorgeous PC case mod. This project totally integrates a working PC into a turntable. The LCD screen displays the current time, song playing, or weather. The volume knob now controls the system volume and the power button still retains its functionality. The hardware used in this mod is pretty impressive too. ... Read More »

Yuugou Case Mod fuses wood craftsmanship with technology

This Japanese-inspired Yuugou PC case mod was made with a simple message. To represent the beauty of wood frame casing, while fusing traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. This simple concept evolved into a simple, yet beautifully elegant case mod for a classy reflection of personal style. The designer of Yuugou reflects on the production of the case, describing it as ... Read More »

Halo 3 Xbox 360 case mod on eBay

We don’t know if it’s our type of thing, but some of you are sure to love this Halo 3 Xbox 360 case mod available on eBay. The case sports a custom paint job which looks very impressive, and would be an awesome collection piece for Halo fans. Jeremiah Thiring, known for his mod work on PC cases, designed the ... Read More »

DIY: Megaman image window PC case mod

Here’s a cool PC case mod. MetkuMods explains how to create an image window on your PC case to really any design you might want to choose. For this example, they chose Megaman as their inspiration. Worried about dust getting into the case? Don’t worry so much, the hole is covered up with fiberglass. Neat idea. — Andrew Dobrow Link Read More »