March 6, 2015

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PC Case Mod Turns Your Computer Into a Mini-Oven


If you walked into a friend’s room and saw this sitting under their desk, you’d probably be like “Um, why the hell do you have an oven in your room?” Because it really does look like a fully-functioning oven. But in reality, this is a PC case mod by Czech modder Zbyek, who woke up one morning and decided to ... Read More »

Homemade Cardboard PC Case is Probably Flammable

Perhaps the greenest and most flammable case mod we’ve ever seen, aside from the UbuntuBox, the “Recompute” cardboard PC case shows off how sustainability can not only be cheap, but can ignite your whole house in flames as well. Even if there is a cooling fan, and even if the power supply and mother board are kept at separate ends ... Read More »

Custom Twilight Xbox 360 Case

We’ve loved almost every single Xbox 360 case mod we’ve ever seen, except the ones which are designed to glorify your fandom for the Twilight series. And seeing as we’ve only seen one Twilight-themed Xbox, I think you get the point. (We hate this damn thing) If you like this sort of crap (you might also like our great collection ... Read More »

Where’s The Beef?: Bizarre Cow PC Desktop Case Mod

This disembodied cow (sorry Muslim Hindu readers) has been stuffed with computer parts, making it one of the more bizarre case mods we have ever seen. Included is a mini ITX motherboard, 20GB hard drive, 256MB DIMM RAM, Combo Drive CD R/RW DVD and an integrated 200-watt PW120 power supply. Milk sold separately. Link Read More »

A PC Disguised as a Super Nintendo

I’m the console disguised as another console disguised as a PC. Actually, this is just a badass case mod. Some dude shoved his entire Acer Aspire One A150 and a CD-ROM drive shoved into a SNES shell. The cartridge acts as a loader for discs, which is pretty inventive. What I want to know is if the creator destroyed a ... Read More »

Star Trek iPhone Case

With the upcoming Star Trek movie, this case mod is the perfect idea for those of you who consider yourself true Trekkies. Looks hard to make, no? You’d be wrong, my friend. Just grab a Star Trek federation pin, rip out the Apple logo and glue that fucker right on. You’ll get plenty of cred from your trekkie friends, but ... Read More »

Snow White Apple Macbook Case Mod

Why is it that women just can’t resist tainted fruit? First, Eve came along and fucked up immortality for the whole human race (thanks a lot, Satan), and then Snow White, for some reason, thought some random apple from a poorly disguised farmer would be totally wholesome and delicious. I think the lesson we’ve learned here is never to accept ... Read More »

When Miller Meets PC

Ben Heck, master modder of all things electronic, has taken a whole new route in his latest PC case mod. It seems Ben was kicking back a few brews of crisp, cold Miller Genuine Draft beer. So crisp, that Ben drank the whole thing, got completely drunk and configured the empty cardboard box to house a PC, CD-ROM drive and ... Read More »

Flight Black Box Case Mod

Brett chose one unique case for a PC but boy is he lucky he didn’t get destroyed by all the old asbestos sitting in this vintage flight box from Lockheed. Purchased from eBay, the box was gutted and a mini-ATX motherboard was placed inside. Not only is it fully functional, it looks good to boot. Don’t expect to be gaming ... Read More »

Liquid Cooled Motorcycle Case Mod: Green With Envy

Forget about the fact that this is even a PC, but even if this were a real motorcycle, the green LED glow would capture my attention. Now, imagine being able to have this Motorcycled Case Mod in your office or computer den. This liquid-cooled Motorcycle Case holds the tradition of other vehicle themed case mods, but goes completely overboard with ... Read More »