You Need to Know About RC Kits

RC Car

RC car and truck kits help you customize your vehicles right from the beginning. RC kits allow you to select the motor, engine, batteries, electronics package, paint color, and hop-up parts.

Everything was a kit when the RC hobby was in its starting phase. Hobbyists had to assemble all the components, including tires & wheels, chassis parts, motors, radio systems, batteries,  electronic speed controllers (ESCs), and many more, and build their vehicles from scratch. Though building RC kits is no longer an integral part of the hobby, it’s still exciting to gather all the components and build a new vehicle.

However, most end customers will find it difficult to assemble their cars. So remote control cars may have RTR in their description. It stands “ready to run,” so you do not need extra parts to run it. In RC kits, sometimes, you need to buy the electronics separately, including batteries, motor, ESC, servo, receivers, and transmitters. You can upgrade your vehicle or make it yours by purchasing different parts and accessories.

Where Can You Buy These?

Buying radio control equipment is pretty easy because you can buy them by visiting shops in the US. E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Ebay have a wide range of accessories as well. The price ranges between $50 to USD $1,000.

While the prices may seem too high, you must know that you can find them on sale often, meaning you can get them at discounted prices.

Which Brands Are Good?

Brands always have an impact on people’s buying behavior. There are numerous brands available that make the same product. However, few companies have the expertise, experience, and durable products. By doing regular research, one can easily find popular, trustworthy brands.

Age Restrictions to Note

People often take this instruction casually. For example, some of the kits are for children below the 12-year-old age group. But, few of them are strictly for children above 12. It is important to work with age-appropriate RC kits.  Violating this may lead to legal actions against you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should One Buy Remote Control Accessories?

Like your regular cars, remote-controlled vehicles also need maintenance. You need to take care of different parts. E.g., if your RC car’s crawler suspension is damaged, it may not work well on off-roads.

Also, you should regularly check other parts like wheels, chassis, motors, and batteries for a smooth race. These advanced pieces of equipment can be your one-stop solution for maintenance purposes.

How Can One Purchase These?

First comes your needs, and that means why you want to buy. Then comes your budget, the money you want to spend. Cheap kits are also available in the market. But if you purchased an expensive RC car, you need top-class care.

Then, go through the reviews and feedback on the product. Comparing the product’s price on different websites is the next thing you should do, before you finally make your purchase.

Remember to always read and research about post-sale service whatever you buy. Read their refund/return policies and service during the warranty period. There might be manufacturing defects or damage due to poor care during shipment.

Are These Expensive?

Not all of them are expensive. One can find budget-friendly quality products in several online stores. However, the hobby-grade ones have radio control kits which are more costly than the regular accessories.


Normally, people tend to spend 5-10 hours assembling and disassembling RC vehicle kits, depending on their experience. Assembly kits, radio sets, and motors are the most used remote control kits.

Nowadays, manuals and tutorial videos are available with the kit that can help save your time and efforts. The best dealers always elaborate on the details of their best products for both on-road and off-road race cars.

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