X-Arm tilts and adjusts your TV for you

k2 xarmYou really aren’t lazy, right? It’s not your fault that finding the perfect viewing angle of your brand new LCD TV takes forever to hone into in your living room. The X-Arm is here to solve your viewing angle problems. The X-Arm is able to extend your TV up to a foot from the wall, allowing you,the viewer, to change the swivel’s angles from 20 º to 32 º depending on the displays size. It can also able to tilt the TV 25 º downwards and 7 º upwards until the perfect viewing angle is achieved. Once you find this perfect angle, the universal remote that you’ve been using this whole time to adjust the TV saves your information for later usage (or to store other angles in for different viewing positions).

The X-Arm seems like such a perfect device for mounting your TV on the wall, until that price tag shows up. The X-Arm is available for $1,995, a stinging amount seeing as your TV alone didn’t cost too much more than that. It comes in both black and silver toaccommodate your personal preferences. — Nik Gomez

X-Arm [via Newlaunches]

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