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The website is like the storefront. It displays the infrastructure of your business or services, thereby maintaining it is always on the top priority. The word press is the most common platform used in making most of the websites. One of the most added advantages of word press is the easy optimization feature that helps to keep the site almost 24*7 up for the customers.

But there are certain problems that make one feel too low when the count of the visitors visiting his site drastically reduces. Why does this happen? This not happens because people are losing interest. But also because of the fact that they are not be displayed the best of your services properly. High-resolution images are one of such problem. One of the best alternatives can be the implementation of caching plugin. It can boost the speed of loading of your site by 5 times. There are many types of plug-in available that can speed your loading.

Plugin setup-

Plugin setup

There are plugins for increase speed of a word press site. One of the eminent ones is WP Super cache plugin. The setting up of this plugin is absolutely easy and it will be a remarkable one for visitors.

Another effective plugin for the setup is the faster slide plugin. This plugin can solve the problem by optimization of the sliders that slow down the speed. The slider plugin has been found to be the exceptionally effective ones for the speeding up.

A gallery plugin is also a good idea to boost the speed in case of a photography website. Photography websites often take huge time to load the photos. So, this can become a total ban on the number of visitors. So, in this case, only galley plugin will work out. One of the best galleries plugin is the Envira Gallery which can design a beautiful slideshow for your photographs. Besides, there are two other plugs in namely, the Foo Galley and the NextGen.

The plugin the setup is a very good technique because there is no need for a programmer to implement a code.


Speed optimization

Now one can get the best plugins that will absolutely lower the sizes of his images, make them optimized and will drive tour website super fast. Have fun knowing about some of the best plugins that will fulfill the purpose.

  1. WP Smush – It is the easiest, the most friendly plugin. It has the best performance speed in reducing the size of your images. This is used by most people to compress the images and make them fully optimized for the Site. The format that is used in the WP Smush is the JPEG, GIF and the PNG images which are the best-dedicated plugins to compress.

The purpose that is served by the plugin is to optimize the JPEG compression, the GIFs are also reduced in size by the use of the PNG format and hence now it is the perfect one to make your website even a mobile friendly one. This plugin is also much compatible with the WP Retina 2x quality which is a rather high-quality format.

  1. EWWW optimizer – this is another user-friendly optimizer that can be used to automatically lessen the size of the images before upload as well as reduce the size of even the previously uploaded ones. The reduction is totally lossless and will even make your image look beautiful without letting anybody know that it is lower in its resolution. This is an important plugin that is especially used in the websites that deal with photography.


  1. CW Image Optimizer – this is a plugin which can optimize the size of the images in a lossless manner and make them a best one to be uploaded. This plugin based on the previously discussed WPSmush. The optimizer is built to use the Linux little utils optimization basics. This service makes the images to be controlled from leaving away the server. It is a very easy one to install.

Image optimizer

  1. Insanity – one of the top plugin which first of all attracts the users from the creaky and scary feature photo. Jokes apart, this plugin is an awesome tool to resize the image size. Besides just reducing the size, this plugin can also be used to maximize the width, the length and the quality of the image.


  1. Hammy – it is the best plugin if one chooses for an adaptive display of your website. The regeneration of the bigger images into a smaller size is an awesome property of this plugin.The adaptive display makes the visitors feel too comfortable to go to the website. Hence, one can provide a super easy website access to the users.

The reason behind discussing the above plugins in detail is for the purpose of the reduction of the sizes of the images before they are uploaded. Thanks to the plugins that can adjust the images so well that it does not make the visitors bored.


Users are always fascinated towards high quality & high definition video clarity. No doubt this attract customers but in turn, slows down the loading of the web pages due to the heavy size. The way is to use plugins in order to reduce the video size.

Another way is a reduction of the video size by compression before they are finally added to the website. An incredible plugin known as FFmpegis used to compress the video for webpage optimization. It is a popular tool which works the best for the compression of the videos especially used before uploading any file on Facebook or YouTube. The format of Open Beacon MP4 conversion can be taken up for the purpose of conversion from the popular FLV and MOV formats and the MP4 formats. But, it is important to note that this plugin can be only used to format the FFmpeg.

There are other techniques to reduce the size of the videos as well for their uploading. Some of such processes can be:

  • Encoding:his compresses the file to the output. The compression is done by the application of the filters, subtitles.
  • Transcoding: Transcoding is yet another process that involves the lossy conversion of the video.
  • Codec:Codec is applicable for the compression and the decompression of the files. There are different algorithms that are designed for the purpose.


Plugin update

There are many plugins for increase speed of a word press site. The plugins need a regular update in order to improve the security of the website. The plugins are mostly installed in order to update the contact forms, galleries, and the sliders. The plugins are used especially for improving the features of the existing ones and improving the quality of the existing ones.

The updates that come in relation to the word press site updates, they come in a built-in form of the whole update. Whenever someone is managing the word press site, he will get the notifications regarding the renewal regularly. They come in the form of software even. The updates may be also manually checked by going to the Updates page from the Dashboard. The installation of this particular page can be done by the Plugins page. There is often an option that keeps popping up as “Update Now” and one needs to click on it to install the updates.

From the plugins page, the updates can be installed. Sometimes, the updates come in a heavy mass. So, in that case, one has to choose as to which shall go well with his website. There is no point of updating those plugins that will be unnecessary. So, for this, one will get a notification of the “Bulk Actions” from the drop-down list of the “Update” menu.


undoing an update

Sometimes, the updated one had desired for may not go compatible with his choices. So, there is a need for removal of such an update. In that case, the only solution is the deactivation of the plug-in. There is always an option for “Deactivate” for the plugin that you would not like to go with.


Though the techniques can be applied to get the absolute video size, it is not at all a useful one because at times it creates the loss of data. So, it is best to go with the plugins which are good at compression yet does not cause any loss of the actual data. One can employ the plugins for getting the best desirable formats one want to go with. So, now have an awesome time trying to oneself.

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