Why Your Business Could Benefit From FinancialForce ERP

When it comes to keeping your business running smoothly, the right software can make all the difference. Unfortunately, some companies fall into the trap of assuming that an ever-increasing number of software programs will streamline their operations. In reality, this can have the opposite effect. When you consolidate your business with FinancialForce ERP, however, you will have a quality financial system that eliminates common issues like double data entry or redundant programming, giving your team one streamlined solution to work with. Here are some of the top benefits of this software.

1.        Data Sharing

One of the biggest advantages of programs like FinancialForce ERP is that they link with your pre-existing CRM. Instead of having to re-enter data manually, information is pulled from the CRM so that the financial team has real-time data available at all times. This allows for a seamless generation of reports and dashboards so that all departments are on the same page. The program links your financial management team with sales and services staff so you can avoid costly miscommunications.

2.        Speed Up Billing

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is vital for any business. FinancialForce ERP’s systems recognize revenue generation automatically to ensure a faster billing and invoicing process. By billing customers in a timely and accurate manner, you will get paid faster so you can maintain a positive cash flow.

3.        Easy Access

These days, most teams do a lot of their work outside the office. You don’t want to wait for them to get back to headquarters to submit new data. FinancialForce’s time and spend management systems can be configured so team members can submit data from their mobile device. Customized access settings ensure that everyone has the financial data they need so they can keep projects under budget.

4.        Supply Chain Management

You have inventory that your ship out to your customers, as well as products you need to order to keep business operations running smoothly. Fully integrated inventory management and supply chain management tools give team members accurate data regarding inventory levels and availability so you can better manage sales projections, inventory replenishment, and other related tasks. This will help you fulfill customer orders and projects on time, every time.

Parting Thoughts

As a software platform that is already geared for integration with Salesforce, ADP, and other systems, FinancialForce will help your sales team work more efficiently than ever before. With a smarter record-keeping solution, your sales and service teams will be better equipped to help your company grow while maintaining steady profits and continued quality.

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