Why Should You Buy An Apple Watch?


The Apple Watch was officially launched on April 10th amid split reactions. While some couldn’t wait to get the iPhone-paired gadget on their wrists, others couldn’t quite see the purpose of a phone companion that costs hundreds of dollars—it had a starting price of $349. Should you buy this watch? Overall, the iWatch offers some real, practical benefits to users that make it a worthwhile investment. However, if you have the money, but still need extra persuasion to buy the Apple Watch, here is a rundown of five solid reasons as to why you should buy it.

It Gets You Connected In the Most Capable Way

The Apple Watch allows users to connect in an altogether new way. In fact, it may just be the smartwatch that proves how useful and versatile they (smartwatches) can be. In addition to telling time and pulling notifications from your iPhone—which by the way any smartwatch can do—the iWatch puts more info and functionality on the user’s wrist. It allows users to directly interact with a wide range of applications, get contacts in a hurry, use Apple Pay, answer calls, and reply to messages much more easily—if all that is needed is a simple response, you can do that with a simple tap. Instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket every minute to see if you have any notifications, the iWatch will deliver all that important information to your wrist.

Whereas your iWatch can get you connected in the most capable way, it can also expose you to security risks such as online hackers and predators, viruses and malware, particularly when you’re connected to unencrypted Wi-Fi hotspots at public places like airports, hotels and coffee shops. The best way to keep hackers, spammers, and ISPs at bay while connecting to any public Wi-Fi is by using a personal VPN tunnel to encrypt your sensitive data, including credit card details, passwords, financial transactions and messages.

It Is an Important Health Assistant

While there are lots of other fitness devices that can track your fitness and health, this watch takes fitness tracking to new levels. The hub of this fitness tracking is the Activity application, which tracks how much you walk, stand, exercise and then shares this data with the Health application on your iPhone to provide guidance for how you can improve your overall health. The watch buzzes you if you’ve been sitting in the same position for too long, tracks the hours in which you were moving or standing, and even offers charts and graphs to track your overall activity. Users can also use the Fitness app to view their long-term fitness goals and the Workout App to log workouts.

Style Options to Meet Individual Needs

Because Apple wanted to design a watch that appealed to a variety of consumers, it created three unique Watch collections—the Apple Watch, the Watch Edition and the Watch Sport. Each collection features different casing options such as anodized aluminum in the Watch Sport, gold in the Watch Edition, and steel in the Watch. These casing options then are available in various colors like space gold, gray, and silver. The Watch also comes with a slew of band options to customize each model with your personal style, and a variety of straps comprised of different closures, materials and color choices.

It Boasts Cutting Edge Technology

With 8GB of storage, a Retina Display that is sharper than competing devices, Digital Crown for precise zooming and scrolling, and Force Touch functionality that’s able to distinguish between a press and a light tap, the iWatch raises the smartwatch game considerably. Add to that its bright graphics, crisp fonts and user friendly main menu with flowing circular icons and you have the next generation iWatch.

Because The Watch is Already an Icon

Even before it was officially launched, the iWatch was already an icon. After appearing on the front pages of popular magazines and winning iF Design Gold Award, the iWatch was touted as the next big thing. While Apple isn’t the only tech firm making a big play in the smartwatch arena, the iWatch is by all accounts the best smartwatch you can buy as an iPhone user.


Most iPhone users will agree that the Apple Watch is a necessity depending on one’s need and industry. If you are an Apple fan with an iPhone, this watch will bring enormous convenience to your wrist.

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