Why Digital Signage is an Underestimated, Powerful Tool

Why Digital Signage is an Underestimated, Powerful Tool

When you communicate with customers and employees, powerful communications are remembered most. What makes communication powerful? A variety of factors create a powerful communication, but visual content is at the top of that list.

Digital signage is one of the most powerful visual communication tools available. With digital signage, you can convey just about any message through visual means, but it doesn’t stop there.

Here’s why you’ll benefit from adding digital signage to your business toolbox.

Digital signage is highly effective

Marketing genius aside, the fact that humans are visual is the main reason digital signage is effective. To see for yourself, read through the various digital signage statistics published by Visix.

Among these statistics, you’ll find that 47% of people remember seeing a specific ad on a digital display and 55% of people remember ads seen on a large outdoor digital billboard. Even better, 80% of consumers reported entering a store after being intrigued by a digital sign.

There’s no doubt that digital signage works. The only question is, why aren’t more businesses using this tool?

Digital signage software powers critical interactive experiences

Digital signage software is powerful. With this software, you can do more than just display static messages to an audience. When used with touchscreen displays, you can create interactive experiences.

For example, digital wayfinding kiosks are equipped with a touchscreen display that helps people find the easiest route to their destination. You can find these in malls and at tradeshows, but also in complexes where multiple businesses occupy the same building. Large tech companies with a massive campus also use wayfinding software.

Wayfinding technology is disability-friendly and can be activated by touch, by voice, or by motion, depending on how you program your system.

Digital signage can increase sales

There are plenty of ways to increase sales, including with digital signage. However, it’s not just about displaying clever marketing messages and ads, although that’s certainly part of the strategy.

Digital signage creates a 3D experience for customers. When someone engages with a display, it’s easier to influence them to make a purchase. Engagement creates a sense of commitment, even if that engagement is small.

For example, when a drive-thru coffee shop has a long line, people lose patience quickly. For many, waiting even five minutes is too long and they drive off before they get to the window. However, when someone comes outside to take orders, those customers are less likely to leave the line, even when the wait time exceeds five minutes.

The perception of being taken care of overrides how a person experiences the passage of time. That’s why businesses use digital signage for queue management. Even a simple number calling system, like you see at the DMV, works to keep people from leaving when there’s a long wait time.

Digital signage can unify teams

Imagine mounting a large display in your office to share upcoming events, photos from past events, motivational messages, KPIs, and employee achievements. This may not sound like much, but these are things that can boost employee morale and help you create a positive company culture.

Often, employees lose enthusiasm and start to slow down toward the end of the day. It’s not easy to maintain a high level of focus all day long, even with frequent breaks.

Using digital signage to keep people feeling inspired, motivated, and recognized is exactly what you need to strengthen your teams.

If you have remote teams, you can reach them with the same messages published to your company’s intranet. Remote workers should be included so they feel like they’re part of the team, too.

Print advertising is still great, but…

Print advertising isn’t the only game in town. Yes, it’s true that direct mail marketing is highly effective, but you can generate a different level of results with digital signage.

With direct mail, you can’t capture a customer in the moment while they’re in your store. With digital signage, you can capture a customer’s attention in the moment with digital signage that speaks to people when they walk by. You can collect email addresses, share discount codes, inform people of your latest deals, or use your display as a menu.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. It’s up to you how you use it, but digital signage is going to be the future of digital marketing strategies.

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