Why Bingo is the Ideal Game for your Phone

The advent of smart phones in modern society has no doubt had its ups and downs over the years, and some would say it comes with both benefits and downsides. Today, many of us agree that smart phones are great, since they allow us to have access to so much knowledge, connection and fun at the tap of a finger. 

Finding the right game for your phone isn’t always easy, though. Today, we’re going to look at why bingo is one of the best games to play on your phone, and the different reasons for this. 

  1. Fast-paced excitement 

First and foremost, the best thing about bingo is that it’s just an inherently fast paced and exciting game. This is why it’s been so popular in bingo halls for so long. It may not seem like it if you’ve never played bingo before, but the truth is that there is a great rush in trying to find your numbers as they’re called, and the tension of getting closer and closer to bingo.

When you can finally release that tension and scream ‘bingo!’ at the top of your lungs, it’s truly like nothing else—except maybe celebrating a goal scored in football! 

When it comes to playing it on a phone, the pace can be even faster. Your phone can move through multiple sheets at a time, and you can find yourself getting so caught up in the moment. Having this kind of excitement at your fingertips is really special. 

  1. Variety of apps 

The only thing you need to do to realise just how popular online and app-based bingo games are is to look at how many are available. There are countless varieties of the games, and whatever you happen to be looking for from an online bingo game, you’ll be able to find it somewhere online. 

Some may find that the variety is somewhat daunting, and that they would find it impossible to choose one. We can certainly help with that, and there are many helpful lists available to direct you to the best bingo apps for your needs. 

In actual fact, though, the number of online bingo sites in the UK has declined in recent years. There are fewer now than there once were—although there are obviously still a great many. The fact is that many of these apps have not been able to survive, and the ones that have are the ones of higher quality. There are currently over 200 registered and verified online bingo games according to Trustedbingo available to play in the U.K.. 

The variety has also meant, as it does with most things in the free market, that competition is virulent. Everyone is attempting to get their own bingo game off the ground, and in a world with so many games already, the only way to be seen is to standout.

This competition has driven the quality of online bingo games up enormously. So, however you look at it, the variety in online bingo games is one of the best things about the industry. We as consumers always benefit from competition. 

  1. Convenience 

The thing about a lot of mobile games is that they want you to spend an enormous amount of time on their apps, in order that they can sell you microtransactions, or bring in more ad revenue. Smartphones are all but ubiquitous everywhere, but especially in the U.K.—around 54 million people the country own a smartphone. This gives you an idea just how common they are, and thus how convenient they are. 

Of course, many bingo apps do this as well. However, for the most part with other mobile games, this often means that it takes a very long time to make any kind of progress. At least without just spending money. This can make many mobile games, frankly, very boring. 

Bingo does not suffer this problem. The nature of bingo is fast paced action—you’re in and out. This makes it great if you ever have a small amount of time to kill. You can just jump into a game of bingo. 

Whether you’re on the bus or the train, you can always just jump into a quick game of bingo where ever you are. 

  1. Winnings 

Of course, there is always the possibility, in amidst all this fun, of winning serious money, too. This is obviously what attracts many people to bingo, and naturally part of what makes games more tense. That said, if you do want to play bingo without money involved, there are countless free to ply games available. 

But if you are in the market to win some money, many of the bigger games have some serious prizes to be won. Admission generally isn’t that expensive, either. Of course, the larger the amount of players, the less chance you have of winning. Nonetheless, there’s always that chance 

Getting the most out of your bingo winnings can be a learning curve, as there are many great introductory offers to take advantage of.

In any case, not only can you have fun while commuting or waiting for something—where ever you are, you can jump on your phone and possibly win some money! 

  1. Increases mental acuity 

One of the reasons bingo has been so popular with senior citizens over the years is that there’s a lot of evidence to suggest regularly playing helps to maintain one’s mental sharpness and focus, and can slow the process of cognitive decline. 

Even in younger age groups, though, regularly playing bingo, having to keep track of all your sheets and numbers, is a great way to keep your mind sharp and your attention focused. These kinds of mental workouts are really important, and bingo is a really fun way of doing it! 

We usually tend to mindlessly scroll with our phones when we have nothing else to do, so having the possibility to play a stimulating game is a great alternative to this. Though you might not become a maths prodigy, regularly playing bingo on your phone will really help to maintain your focus elsewhere in your life. 

So, the fact is that the benefits of playing bingo on your phone are countless, and the game itself, whichever app you use, is a fast-paced, fun way to keep things busy and interesting. It’s not like these slow mobile games where you spend months to achieve anything. Mobile bingo keeps you interested and engaged at every moment. We definitely recommend you try it today. 

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