Which Indica is the Strongest?

The main task of every novice grower is to understand not only the peculiarities of growing but also the effects of different types and varieties of cannabis.

For breeding, two main subspecies are used – Indian hemp (indica) and sowing (sativa). Each of the representatives has its own characteristics of appearance, the composition of active substances, and, as a result, properties.

What is indica?

Indica is a subspecies of hemp, which is characterized by a balanced composition and a high content of cannabidiol (up to 15%). You can buy indica seeds to relax, fight stress, meditate, etc.

Due to its pronounced relaxing and sedative effects, indica is used to obtain medical cannabis. As a rule, not only pure lines are intended for growing, but also hybrids of indica and sativa, which have the opposite, psychostimulant effect. The ratios of subspecies can be different – 50/50, 80/20, 70/30.

How are indica varieties different?

Indica, available from Herbies, has a powerful relaxing effect. She successfully:

● eliminates anxiety, stress;

● normalizes sleep;

● relieves muscle tension, spasms;

● has an analgesic effect.

Prolonged and powerful relaxation is guaranteed by varieties that contain from 25% to 30% tetrahydrocannabinol or THC:

● at 25-26% THC, there is a long stone that balances between body and mind. Often, such cannabis has the properties of an aphrodisiac, and can cause slight brain enlightenment;

● at 27% THC, absolute nirvana is achieved, completely detaching from reality. The classic effect of these varieties is manifested with particular force, and therefore it is better for beginners to refrain from using them;

● at 30% THC, the state of nirvana overtakes even an experienced grower in a matter of moments. According to the feelings of users, the body practically adheres to a chair or sofa. However, against the backdrop of happiness and euphoria overwhelming the mind, this fact does not matter.

Choose a variety based on the desired effect and enjoy the results!

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