When to Use Superglue in Basic DIY Projects

Superglue comes in a range of shapes and sizes and has hundreds of uses in the home. Sometimes objects suddenly break. Rather than throwing them away, you can quickly and robustly repair most of them using a strong glue. This includes the likes of broken toys, shoes, shelves and tables. Below you’ll find when you can effectively use glue to repair common household objects. 

Broken Toys


When children reach a certain age, they start to become a little rougher with their toys. Sometimes they start to pull parts off or throw it across the room. When this happens, they can easily damage or break delicate toys. But rather than face days of crying and tantrums (or ordering a new one online), you can quickly repair minor damage with glue. All you need to do is clean and prepare the surface before squeezing a small amount of glue. Then you put them together and hold them while applying slight pressure for a minute or two. Leave them overnight and the toy should be like new tomorrow. This has many advantages over buying another toy. But mostly, it saves you the time and money in case your little one decides to break it again!

Broken Shoes

Shoes receive a lot of wear and tear, especially the ones you wear almost every single day. In most cases, this includes your work shoes. Ladies often experience their heels breaking while men might find that their sole suddenly comes loose. Rather than buying a new pair, you can apply superglue and they’re ready to wear within less than an hour. The biggest benefit here is that you won’t get caught out. Even if your shoes break on the way to work, you know you can quickly repair them in the office. For this reason, it’s always a smart idea to keep a little tube in your bag.

Broken Shelves 

For more heavy duty repair work, you can use a stronger adhesive. Super strength adhesives and glues are essential in the DIY field for larger objects that need more strength. If you find that your shelves are starting to look wonky, you might need to tighten up the fixtures. But if you apply a little glue, it adds that extra strength so it doesn’t come undone later on. This is especially the case if the shelves are part of a large cabinet. 

Broken Tables

If your coffee table is starting to look old, there’s a possibility that the structure might be getting weaker. When the table starts to get wobbly, you can find the part of the joint that’s loose. Then squeeze a small amount of glue into the space and hold it until it sets. This then creates a strong bond that keeps the table stable and secure while giving you the chance to make it look better.

Using Superglue in DIY

You can use superglue for a range of smaller and large scale DIY projects. This includes repairing your child’s favourite toy to fixing your shoes. Or you can use a stronger adhesive for objects that need more strength such as repairing broken shelves or tables. Either way, a few tubes of superglue is a crucial addition to your toolbox.

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