When is the Best Time to Buy Computer Parts?

Whether you want to remodel your computer or you want to build it on your own, the price of the computer parts can make or break your entire decision. To avoid yourself from going bankrupt, you must search for the elusive time to buy these parts. There are months when you can get a huge discount on the computer parts due to sales or new releases of the GPU/CPU architecture. Here’s a guide to give a complete answer to your question when is the best time to buy computer parts. 

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday

You all might be aware of the price slashing that goes on during these big sale days that was created to encourage people to shop online. This is the best time to buy the components of your computer as the sale morphs into the maximum stage during these days. The dealers scoop up awesome deals during this period which can help you in building the same system at 20-30% less rate than if you would buy it at any other time of the year. But not all parts necessarily go on sale during these big deal days, and you might need to be flexible on to your computer parts choices. One must try to grab deals on the available components during these days. For instance, if you deadest your mind on buying a high-end RAM or CPU or Motherboard and if you’re unable to buy one, it would be a good idea to purchase a lower version which will still cater your requirements and will come at rates.

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In reality, everything depends on what you’re planning to buy and whether you are set on a particular model or brand or not. Flexibility in the choice of the component is paramount to avail the huge benefit. Another important point that you must keep in mind is that hardware is not slapped with a huge reduction in price. It is, therefore advisable not to wait for the sales period to buy it as the marginal drop in price won’t benefit you much. 

Retailer or brand-specific sales

If you miss the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, then you’ll be happy to know that these sales are interspersed throughout the year through the retailer or brand-specific sales. Many brands offer a great discount during their anniversary month or on the eve of New Year to attract more and more pool of customers towards their products. You just need to keep a tab on these kinds of sales to derive the maximum benefit. Sometimes you can get notified about these kinds of sales on the retailer’s website also.

Christmas sales


The pre-Christmas bonanza comes with huge sales that can definitely blow your mind away. The retailers being in the mood for the frenzy of Christmas offer great discounts to capitalize on the festive spirit. You can search for the computer component that you intend to buy during this time as there is a discount on almost everything during Christmas. The tactics do involve not tuning into your favorite brand or retail shop during the peak sale hour but start searching for the part of the computer as soon as the discount starts. 

When a manufacturer transitions to a new model

If you’re not too fussy about equipping your computer with the latest gears, then a good time to buy the computer parts can be when a reputable manufacturer transition to a new model. At this time the manufacturer wants to get rid of the lingering stock and therefore offers you a great discount on the products that are lying in his stock. For example, Nvidia recently shifted from the GTX to RTX, which has resulted in a huge drop in the price of the lineage of former GPUs. AMD and Intel operate similarly, as do other peripheral makers. This happens a lot especially when you plan to buy a desktop replacement laptop. Many people instead of buying additional computer parts, plan to go for a decently priced laptop for everyday usage to meet the demands of modern lifestyle. 

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Amazon’s prime day sale

Amazon Prime day sale is packed with huge deals on peripherals and computer parts. Though you won’t find a deal on every type of part that will go into your computer during this day you can definitely save your money by grabbing those deals that are available on this day. To get an idea of the series of deals that might be available on Prime Day, you can use Prime Days Deal tracker to see the price cuts that were offered on the past Prime day. Through this, you can get get a hotshot idea about the types of deals that can be of great worth for you.

Can you find good deals on computer parts on a daily basis?

While the holiday season is bombarded with sales and discounts finding daily deals might be a bit difficult but not impossible. There are websites like Newegg and Amazon that do offer a discount on a daily basis. Newegg is a great website to find deals on peripherals and computer parts on a daily basis, but these deals are tied with using mail-in rebates. This eventually means that you’ll have to be proactive in sending the mail-in rebates to utilize the  Newegg’s deals properly. If you forget to send the in mail rebates you the might ave to pay full price for the deal that seemed quite awesome and thrilling at one point of time. Remember, daily deals are worth monitoring for a surprise rebate on these websites but being proactive is also the key to avail a good discount. These deals change every day, and you need to be cautious to avail the deal at that particular day because the same deal might not flash on the website on the other day. 

So now you know when is the best time to buy computer parts and generate huge savings. Though you might have to wait sometimes to avail the discount we bet that that wait will be worth cherishing. Keep glued to us for many such tips and tricks that will blow off your techie mind. 

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