What to Wear at a Casino

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Choosing the right clothes when playing at a casino can often be tricky. Lots of players aren’t totally sure what is meant by different dress codes. It can sometimes lead to being refused entry, even if you thought you had adhered to what is required. We have put together this guide to help you choose the right clothes for the right occasion.

Different Dress Code Options

Basically, different casinos will have their own dress codes in place. It will be available to you before you attend, so make sure that you check in advance, so you can prepare. If you don’t own the clothes needed to attend more formal occasions, it might be a little bit of a disappointment, but you can always play casino online. As these are in the comfort of your own home, it means you don’t need to worry about any dress codes. This does make things much easier for people who aren’t comfortable in formal attire. 

Here are the different dress codes you can expect, and how you should dress for them.

White Tie

This is the most extreme level of formality. Here, you will see men expected to wear a coat with tails, tux shirts, bow ties and more. Women will be expected to wear a ballgown and expensive jewellery. Even the employees will have strict restrictions on how they can be dressed. This is usually reserved for extremely high-class events.

Black Tie

This is slightly below the white tie expectations. Here, men will be expected to wear a smart suit and black bow tie, the coat and tails is relaxed slightly. Women can go for a cocktail dress, and this will be fine at a black-tie event. This is normally the case for VIP tables and other important events.


Here, men will be expected to dress in a smart manner. However, the expectations are relaxed again. Wearing a neutral suit and tie with a white dress shirt would be fine for formal wear. At a black-tie event, this would not be allowed. Women can wear any smart dress and blouse combination, or even a business pants suit if they wish. This is generally the most common for more upmarket casinos. 

Business Casual

This is one step down from formal. The main difference here, is that men can forgo wearing a tie, and women will be able to dress in a way that that makes them feel more comfortable. However, the main thing to remember about business casual, is that it should be appropriate to wear in an office. A jacket should still be with you, although taking it off is an option. Sports coats are also allowed, and even a polo shirt is permitted in some venues. A wider range of shoes are also available, as smart leather shoes are no longer insisted upon. 

Smart Casual

This is becoming a lot more popular in the modern era. As visiting a casino was once seen as a high-class night out, formal wear was once a necessity. However, more and more people are seeing it as a fun way to spend their free time. This means that the dress code has started to relax significantly. It means that people can wear smart jeans, smart t-shirts, and even smart trainers. This applies for both men and women, so as long as you’re not wearing ripped jeans, Hawaiian shorts or sandals, you should be perfectly fine to play.

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