What is Reverse Withdrawal?

The waiting period imposed between the time you request a withdrawal and the request processed is known as the Reverse Withdrawal in the world of online casinos. Between processing and withdrawal, the claim is not completed; instead, the amount is put into your game account so that your game continues. 

Online casinos provide this facility to players where the pending cash won at the casino is reversed and added to their account, and the player continues to play. This system doesn’t sound bad, but like everything, it too has pros and cons. Not everything can be like casino bonuses, right? Exciting and easy to understand even with technicalities. So today, let’s educate ourselves.

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Flush Withdrawal 

This feature is done upon request from the player. Online casinos that often allow 24 hours for the pending withdrawal status can and do flush the withdrawal upon request from the player. Not all websites employ this feature.  

Why is there a Reverse Withdrawal Period?

The casino takes its sweet period to check and approve your account when you make your first withdrawal request. This step becomes essential because 

  • To ensure that the players are protected, and identification is not stolen or misused, the casinos have such policies as reversal withdrawal. This process also is in place to make sure that they don’t fall prey to identity fraud or money laundering. 
  • Also to make sure that players aren’t underage and playing at their site. 

You would feel that the first time requesting a withdrawal and providing the required verification would be enough. That requirement for the withdrawal session on other transactions is no longer required. Unfortunately, that is not how it takes place, as many sites would still make you wait till the request is processed for the withdrawal; this is done from the casinos’ end, hoping for the player to change their mind. 

Advantages of the Reverse Withdrawal  

You continue to play without delay using the first withdrawals funds that have been added to your player’s account as a fact is an advantage offered by the game. This advantage provided for the remaining reverse withdrawal procedure helps you by saving you from the extra payout for other payment options.

Disadvantages of the Reverse Withdrawal

The fact that you have to be patient and wait to receive the money that is yours is one of the most significant disadvantages of the feature. The wait also depends on which mode of payment you used. For bank transfer or credit card, extra 4-5 days added to the withdrawal tenure that already exists. That is why one always advised using an electronic wallet option as they do not delay the days further. 

Manual Flushing 

This feature is an option that is given to players by some sites. You can request to remove the withdrawal feature and get the money directly to you without the withdrawal feature’s pending status. The payment mode pending period will still be present. Just the reverse period will be slashed. 

To access this option, one needs to contact customer care. It’s not a guarantee that a positive reply would be given (truly depends on the casino), it’s still worth a shot. 

Final Thoughts

Many software providers and casinos are trying to cut the waiting period in reverse withdrawal features to offer players a friendly environment. Technology is truly your friend, trying to solve all your issues. Go ahead, play and earn some money, hope that your wait time isn’t too long.

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