What Is Computer Eyewear Technology?

Computer eye wear technology is obviously not glasses for your computer…well, not in so many words…but then again, it sort of is.

Gunnar Eyewear Technology

Gunnar is one of the leading names in computer eyewear technology, and while we have yet to try these computer vision glasses out for ourselves we have been hearing pretty good things. The concept of computer eyewear technology is based on the premise that our eyes are not designed to stare at computer screens all day, every day, and yet that is what a great majority of us end up doing. According to the Gunnar website, their computer eyewear technology is designed to help users to “sustain focus and alertness during extended computer or gaming sessions”.

Gunnar offers a number of options for specialized eyewear including options for gamers, designers and those needing prescription lenses as well. Pricing for these glasses range depending upon just what you’re looking for but tend to hover around the $100 mark.

We can’t say whether it’s worth it or not, but all we can say is that we’ve been hearing good things…

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