What Happened At Today’s Apple Event

In case you haven’t heard, Apple had a little event over in California today. All new updates to the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.


  • New glass trackpads with multi-touch
  • All new, specially engineered aluminum case design
  • DVI ports become DisplayPort
  • Macbook gets glass screen, aluminum case; Macbook Pro gets same upgrade
  • Dual graphics in MBP – NVidia 9400M (Macbooks get these) and 9600 GT graphics for “turbo mode”
  • New $899 24-inch display out. Features three USB ports and integrated mic, iSight, speakers
  • Macbooks now cost $1299, Macbook Pro from $1999
  • Macbook Air gets 9400 graphics, bigger hard drive with larger SSD available
  • Old white Macbooks available for $999
  • New gestures for sick new glass trackpad

That’s pretty much it. I suggest later tonight, you head over to Apple.com and play around with the configurations. These are very nice looking laptops and I’d love to get my hands on that new Macbook Pro.


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