Decoding “WTV” in Text: What Does It Mean?

While chatting, sometimes you may receive a reply with slang which will leave you clueless. One such slang that might fall under this category is WTV. The abbreviation for WTV will depend on the person from whom you receive it.

This article will decode the answer to the question ‘What does WTV mean in text’ and discuss the ways to respond when someone sends you this slang.

What Does WTV Mean in Text?

Consider a situation wherein you are chatting with your friend about going on a fun trip. You want her to join and when you pop the question, she replies with a WTV.

So, what does the slang WTV stand for here? It stands for ‘whatever’. This means your friend has replied to your text as ‘whatever’.

What Does WTV Mean on Snapchat?

When you open Snapchat and find WTV in your chat, you need not be confused. Even here, WTV implies the same meaning as in texting ‘whatever’. But there is more to this slang.

Though the meaning of the slang may remain the same, you have to understand the context in which it is sent.

For instance, your friend has sent you snaps of her trying various hairstyles, but couldn’t do even a single style properly, and sends a WTV  message along with them. It means she is making fun of her terrible styling skills. However, when you discuss something serious and receive a simple wtv reply, it will be simply annoying.

So, let us consider various scenarios and learn how to decode the slang wtv perfectly.


Decoding “WTV” in Text: What Does It Mean?

  1. When your partner in crime sends you a wtv message: You are informing your close buddy about going to a movie without her, and receive a wtv message, it means she is not bothered about it. 
  1. When your loved one sends you a wtv message: Consider a situation wherein you have had a small tiffin with your loved one, and now compromising with her, and you get a wtv reply, it means she is simply keeping it cool and not bursting out. 
  1. When your celebrity friend sends you a wtv message: You are discussing a rumor involving your celebrity friend and she responds with a wtv message, it means she is just shrugging it off. 

Using WTV in Various Scenarios 

  1. When You Want to Express Your Lack of Interest 

When you are not interested in a particular matter, you can use wtv without any second thoughts. It doesn’t portray you as a rude person either. Suppose, your roommate asks whether you want to order or have home made food, you can reply, WTV. I am okay with anything.

  1. When There are Multiple Options to Choose From 

When there are multiple choices to make, you can use WTV. If your friend wants to know whether it is mandatory to go shopping with you, reply No, WTV. You can join if you are available.

  1. When You Want to End a Conversation with Someone who Bothers You 

When you find someone annoying you and want to end your conversation with that person, you can hide behind the WTV mask. For instance, if you want to spend the weekend alone, but your colleague wants you to spend time together, and wants to show up at your house, just reply with a WTV message. 

It won’t let the others know that you are avoiding them, and hence won’t hurt their feelings.

How to Respond to a WTV Message?

  1. In Cases Where You Require Clarity: When you are in the middle of a serious conversation and someone replies with a WTV message instead of answering clearly, you can ask them to elaborate further. 

For instance, you are planning to book movie tickets, and asking for their availability. All you get is a WTV. You can very well say, I Am booking the tickets right now. Do you want to join?

  1. In Cases Where You Have to Thank Others

When you need complete information on a matter and the other person has provided you the details with a WTV, you can thank them. For instance, when you want an extra day to return your friend’s vehicle, and the reply you get is WTV works for you. You can thank them for their flexibility.


A Few Other Common Slang Terms

Similar to WTV, there are other slang terms too. Let us look at them.

  1. LOL: This is a very common slang term. It stands for Laugh Out Loud
  1. BRB: This slang term means Be Right Back. When someone sends you this, it means they are going to leave the chat for now, but will be back in a jiffy.
  1. OMG: This is another popular slang term meaning Oh My God, or even Oh My Gosh. When you witness something truly unbelievable, this is the first word that might pop out of your mouth.

Wrapping Up 

There is no scarcity of slang terms in social media or in texting. You can see new slang terms emerging quite frequently. So, go ahead, decode the meaning, and have fun. 

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