What Damages Your Computer and How to Stop It

Buying a computer is a significant investment in your digital life. People spend their day on their devices, working on them and using them for other purposes like music, movies, etc. Computers have become the digital best friend of users worldwide. 

Despite having the power to do complex tasks, your computer might be vulnerable to damage. It can cost you a fortune to handle the damage, or it might have an impact on the lifetime of your computer.  

When you buy a new laptop, you need to keep in mind some details to maintain it properly and increase the device’s lifespan. Failing to do them properly can harm your computer by damaging it. Here are some ways how your laptop or desktop might get hampered and how to prevent them. 

Never Lift a Laptop Using the Cover

The laptop’s lid is not a handle to lift it, so you must not use it to do so. The lower half of a laptop is usually heavier than the cover as it holds all of the internal contents and can cause damage to the computer if lifted in this way. The hinges of the laptop might get affected if raised using the cover. It can also damage the cables, which are delicately attached to the lid. These cables are usually video cables that make the screen work. 

In some laptops, the wireless card’s connection runs from the bottom to the laptop’s lid, and lifting it using the lid can hamper that connection. The camera and microphone attached to the laptop also connect to the lower part and can be damaged if it gets pulled or made to bear the weight of the bottom part. Your laptop can also slip and fall if you lift it using the lid. This is why you must never try to lift a laptop by pulling the lid.

Clear the Disk Space of Your Computer

When the storage of your laptop or desktop is full, you need to clear the disk space to improve the drive state of the computer. If you are a Mac user, you need to clear mac memory. Using a laptop needs proper maintenance, and one of the main parts of maintaining a computer is keeping it clean. To clean your computer’s storage, you can clear the outdated and old files and apps on it. 

You can also remove duplicate files, mail attachments, unwanted documents, endless photos, and videos from the computer’s internal storage to make it a cleaner and faster machine. You can clean the cache files, too, if you want a thorough cleaning of your storage space. Also, remove the old backups and obsolete files that you no longer need. This way, you can have more space on your computer.

Maintain the Computer Regularly 

Computers need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly as well as to increase their lifespan. Both hardware and software need proper care regularly. Failing to do so might cause problems while working on your computer and end up damaging it. Maintaining software includes updating the operating system, scanning for malware, updating apps and software.

There are several apps available on the market that can clean your desktop computer or laptop. Maintaining the hardware includes cleaning the computer from outside, like clearing the dust and dirt on your computer, which can accumulate and cause damages later. In this way, you can keep your computer clean and safe before the problem arises. 

Never Move a Plugged-in Computer

Moving a computer that has connections plugged in or sticking out can damage the computer and the connectors. Stepping over a cord might damage it internally or break it. 

Plugging in flash drives and moving the computer can hit different objects and damage the port it is plugged into or harm it and damage the flash drive itself. While moving a computer, always keep in mind to unplug all the connections and cords. 

Do Not Let Untrained People Use Your Computer

computer security

Computers are advanced digital devices but are exceptionally delicate, and thus, you should use precautions to save them from any damage. To have less damage on your computer and hardware or software problems, the computer user should be trained and knowledgeable enough to use it with care. 

Untrained or underaged people can severely damage a computer along with its contents. For instance, in laptops, all the contents are present below the keys, so dropping water on the keyboard can harm the laptop. This is why you should only allow a professional to handle your laptop or desktop.

Final Words

Computers are famous for their advanced features and how they help to make your life easier. So, it would be best to care for this digital friend to prevent it from any damage. These are some of the main ways your desktop or laptop might get damaged. Try to avoid them, and your computer experience shall be smooth. 

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