What Is Bitcoin, How Is It Different Than “Real” Money and How Can I Get Some?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the type of digital currency manufactured and stored electronically on a computer. It is not any sort of the currency can you can hold with your bare hands like the pounds or dollars that are generally issued by the central banks of the countries, instead, it is a type of cryptocurrency that is generated by those who have all sorts of technological means including the software necessary to solve the complex mathematical problems that lead on the path to its creation.

Bitcoin was first proposed as a means of payment or transfer that would not be controlled by all the traditional currency-related regulations that exist today by Satoshi Nakamoto.


How is Bitcoin different from real money?

There are several ways in which Bitcoin is different from the traditional currency.One of the primary differences is that Bitcoin is decentralized which means no one has the authority to control it. This means that it can work on its own independently. It works based on the computing power of the participants under the network where it is exchanged. Also, there are no extra costs that are generally associated with exchanging traditional currencies such as transaction fees and other bank oriented charges.

Another important difference between the two is that Bitcoin is not sovereign which means its value is unaffected by changes that occur with a political or economic motive, changing news day by day such as cryptovibes and can carry out itself.

Bitcoin is programmable, unlike the traditional currencies. This means that the cryptocurrency can be attached to various smart programs that will work only under certain conditions. This means that the coin can be used additionally for reputation management systems, insurance contracts in the future. These will not need any third party interventions to work, therefore this will make it stay ahead of the competition when compared to the traditional cash.

Bitcoin is anonymous which means that the users can make use of different addresses and they do not need to put in their personal information to set up these addresses. The use of DLT technology makes it easy to store different addresses for every exchange that has taken place under that particular address.

Generally, the transfers made with Bitcoin are completely rapidly and no alterations can be made. As Bitcoin is not bound by global currency exchange rules, therefore the fees of transferring are minimal both internationally and also at home.

How to Earn Bitcoin?

Some of the ways you can earn Bitcoin are specified below. Besides that, you can have a look at the website cryptovibes.com for more info:

  • Crypto interest accounts are an exciting new model that has become popular in the blockchain industry. These accounts are used to transfer the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to the financial service provider that will help the user earn interest on the Bitcoin over the period of time.
  • Some applications allow users to earn cashback for their purchase such as Ebates that offers cashback to customers. There is a company that goes by the name of Lolli which offers the same cashback services. If you make purchases from various online retail websites like Sephora for example then the website Lolli offers you cashback but in Bitcoin instead of traditional currency. every store has its own incentive with some of them offering as high as 9% Bitcoin cashback. This is among the easiest methods of earning free Bitcoin.
  • Running a signature campaign is also a method of earning bitcoin. You can use a particular signature to market the product and get paid for every post that you write. In the signature campaign, a user generally gets paid based on their membership status. Anyone who is not a full member will not get paid enough as compared to a full-time member. 
  • Being a crypto trader is one of the most effective and at the same time the most riskiest method of obtaining Bitcoin. Following the general trading rules, the user will have to buy the Bitcoin when the price of it falls and buy it when the Bitcoin price rises. Bitcoin trading involves investing a great amount of time trying to learn how to trade and how to overcome the various risks associated with it. The investors who wish to stay on for the long run are ready to suffer some losses initially during their ongoing learning process as a part of their investment in the education they have achieved. They plan to eventually make up for these losses in the long run and aim to earn a handsome amount of profit from this trade.
  • Anyone can earn Bitcoin by promoting different affiliate programs. Who are affiliates? These are a group of people who advertise a given number of businesses for free but are given a commission if they can bring in customers.

There are various Bitcoin exchange products or services that are associated with different affiliate programs that the interested customers can sign up for..Then they can receive a distinctive affiliate link to endorse the service or product. the promotion can be done on various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. People can also endorse their affiliate products or services by running ad campaigns on various websites or even by setting up an information site that will have the details of all the affiliates.

  •  Various organizations have gradually begun to accept payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their work. This is very useful for those who wish to earn bitcoin from home as a freelancer. Whichever profession you may be in, it is possible to earn in Bitcoin in exchange for the service you provide to your clients. Some of the sites that pay their customers in cryptocurrencies include Jobs4Bitcoin which is a Reddit job board for work that is paid using the cryptocurrencies. Then there is Angel’s List which is another job board site where the customers are paid in BitCoin after completing their tasks.


Cryptocurrency is a very volatile currency which means that its rate is very much unpredictable. Although interesting and we have seen various ways of earning it in the section above it must be noted that earning and also trading in cryptocurrencies involves various levels of risks depending on the method chosen to earn it. So do your own study and research before you start earning and using cryptocurrencies for your day-to-day expenses.

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