What Are the Applications of Predictive Dialers?

If you’re in business and concerned about customer service, perhaps you’ve heard the term “predictive dialer” thrown around. But what is it exactly, and how can you use it to good effect in your company?

What it is

A predictive dialer makes calls automatically, before routing them to agents whenever a live person comes on the line.


The predictive dialing system times these calls to minimize downtime for agents between calls and to ensure that agent time isn’t wasted with voicemail boxes, hangups, or unanswered calls. The dialer also takes geography and time zones into account so that calls are never made too early or too late.

How can you make the most of a predictive dialing system for your call center? This state-of-the-art technology offers a lot of flexibility for creating an efficient and productive call center.

Make the most of your sales calls data

The best thing about modern predictive dialers is the way they take raw data and automatically use it to make smart choices for your outgoing calls. The system can analyze agent productivity on all types of calls, learning which agents do best in a given scenario.

They can also learn the average handling times for customers of different types, with varying agents, and at certain times of the day, week, month, or year. Predictive dialers use all this data to make calls for the right agents at the best times and at the point when customers are most likely to pick up.

Cut down on wasted time

A predictive dialer lets you use analytics to cut down on wasted time. The dialer makes calls more quickly than people do, eliminates wasted time between calls, and helps to keep agents on task at all times.

Since the dialer also handles dropped calls, voicemail boxes, and no-answers for you, your agents can be anywhere from 30 to 50 percent more productive in the course of a day. Your call volumes go up, and your bottom line goes up with it.

Avoid frustration

By letting the predictive dialer deal with all the non-productive dials, you not only save agent time; you also save agent frustration. Every call an agent goes on is connected to a real person. Data-driven intelligent software makes decisions about who to call to maximize the chance of reaching someone who will respond to your agent.

When agents are less frustrated, they work more efficiently and offer your customers a better experience. So when your agents are less frustrated, you’re less frustrated, too.

Make smarter business decisions

Predictive dialing software does more than just analyze information for the purpose of making calls. It also provides you with insights into the customer service experience your team is serving up. It coordinates information across platforms, from calls to emails to social media interactions to text messages.

Instead of being presented with a load of raw data, you get the finished insights in a form you can understand at a glance. With this information, you can respond nimbly to improve the experience for everyone.

Respond quickly to any issue

Whether your competition is doing something new, someone has complained about your company on social media, or you need to prepare for higher call volumes at a particular season, you can respond to any change easily with your predictive dialer system.

It doesn’t take long to adjust the system to respond to whatever needs might arise. With an intelligent dialing system, you can change menu choices, adjust how calls are routed, scale up to accommodate more agents, or do anything else necessary to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

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