Wellness Trends Directly Linked with Healthy Eating – Trends That Will Dominate 2018

2017 was a record year of earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, hurricanes and all those massive and unexpected weather events which left the Americans shaken for breath. But at the same time, they became ready to take the next step. As per what atmospheric researchers have to say, the actions of human beings have a direct impact on the possibility, intensity and extent of these catastrophes which take place amidst nature. Without bringing about a major change, the world would soon become uninhabitable, which will become a dystopia of inexplicable heat, constant draft and resilient diseases.

Have we started seeing enough evidence of change in climate which can have an impact on our health? The food supply will feel the heat; there will be chronic diseases which are getting worse with extremes in temperature and pollution and mental health is also going on a toss. This makes it clear that people should start up with the cleaning act to plan the future of the planet and make it a better place to live in.

Wellness has direct links with food – More and more shift towards healthy eating

It is common to think of your physical fitness given the kind of competition that is going on around us to look healthy. 2018 will help us stay on the right track with our health as the emerging beverage and food trends all direct towards healthy living. There has been a sudden rise in the interest among people to natural products like Nature’s own products which have created a trend in the field of natural health products. If you wish to adopt a cleaner life and save your planet, here are few things that you can do.

#1: Take more veggies

Due to the extreme focus on health and on staying healthy, there has also been a noteworthy change in consumer diets which has accelerated the rise of veganism and vegetarianism. One more diet trend that is soon gaining momentum is flexitarianism which implies having plant-based foods occasionally. Consumers are shifting to diets which are animal-free. Manufacturers of green and natural products are responding by creating varied numbers of vegan-friendly food products.

#2: Bid goodbye to kale

As people eliminate meat from their diets, meat substitute are being created by using konjac, wheat gluten and yam starch. In spite of the coming back of everything that’s green and clean, experts predicted that 2017 would mark the end of kale era as it was thought that the leafy cabbage being used in consumer-packaged foods had attained its peak level. The purple-shaded vegetables like asparagus and cauliflower will be in high demand in 2018. Even a famous supermarket chain predicted that the ingredients and spices like reishi mushroom, turmeric and maca will most likely grow in popularity as more and more consumers shift to wellness ideas.

The popularity of #zerowaste hashtag has amassed millions – Few trends

It cannot be considered a coincidence that an increasingly large number of companies have started giving priority on ethics and sustainability protocols. Brands have begun marketing health-conscious consumers who are extremely savvy about the foods that they buy. The #zerowaste hashtag has become popular among too many people on Instagram and they have reminded us of unpackaged veggies and fruits. Here are few trends.

  • Emergence of big technology

As social media and technology present the best way of staying connected, they have been subject to a fair share of resistance in 2018. All those entrepreneurs who have stayed in the digital space for many years now are planning to move back as they now plan to assess what they’re trying to create. The society has got a fast adopting addiction to social media and technology and brands should know how to hook users to their products and services.

  • The gut health doesn’t just rely on bacteria

For many years now, the way in which our gut health works has depended on maintaining the right balance between the good and the bad bacteria which lies in the digestive system. Of late, there have been researches which prove the new-found role played by gut fungi and not only bacteria which play a vital role in setting an impact on our gut health. Researchers have found that there is a pesky fungus known as Candida which can lead to a host of health issues when it surpasses its normal growth. Both fungi and bacteria play a crucial role in optimizing the health of your digestive system.

  • Natural beauty products become as popular as organic foods

Till the last few years, natural beauty was always a mixed bag. In 2018, everything has changed and people have become extremely focused on the products that they put into their stomach and that they apply on their face. There has been seen increased demand for transparency among the consumers and the bigger organizations are certainly responding to the call. There will be seen bans on chemicals on personal, baby care and household cleaning products by the year 2020. Natural and organic deodorants will also flood the stores very soon.

  • Collagen will be the only superfood which heals your gut

Collagen has managed to garner mainstream attention since the last few years as there are too many who have started adding this specific superfood to their daily smoothies. 2018 is going to be the revolutionary year when collagen will be accepted as the best superfood which has the ability to cure your gut issues. As more and more have started accepting the fact that collagen has got properties of healing the gut, it is being used in recent days to treat modern illnesses from acne to anxiety. Due to the fact that collagen decreases with age, taking collagen supplements will help you with mending your gut, anti-aging and healing wounds.

Hence, what do all these add up to? The consumers are trying their best to adopt the new health and wellness trends to stay at the top of their health and to save their planet as well.

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