Weird Or Wonderful: 5 Cool Rechargeables Available Today

If there’s anything that our society vehemently objects to, it’s being tied down – especially by wires. Just think about it; from cell phones to wireless headphones and Fitbits, we’re committed to being on the move. That’s why it’s no surprise that more unusual and ingenious rechargeable products have come to market in recent years.


Check out these 5 interesting rechargeable items ready to shake up our connected lives.

Entertain Anywhere

We’re in the midst of peak barbecue season, the time of year between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but you don’t have to host in your backyard to throw a great party. Instead, invest in the Coolest Cooler, a solar-charged cooler with USB outlets as well as a rechargeable blender for mixing up drinks. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to party in the park or go glamping with all the amenities. 

No More Cold Feet

It may be summer right now, but the cold weather always comes again, and now you can prepare for winter with rechargeable heated shoe insoles. Designed to keep your feet at standard core body temperature, these insoles combat a common issue with our extremities – they just get cold too quickly. This is handy in the summer when you need to release heat, but in winter, warm feet and a warm head are key to staying warm. Charge these up, slip them into your boots, and you’re ready to go.

Light It Up Right

Battery-operated candles are great for holiday decorating, kids’ crafts, and so much more, but no one wants to be fumbling around looking for batteries when the kids want to light up their (highly flammable) paper lantern from summer camp. That’s why you need to keep rechargeable tea lights on hand. These nifty, reusable faux-flames reduce battery waste, which are hardly ever disposed of correctly, will last for years, and prove their worth through countless applications.

For The Guitarist On The Go

Guitars are great instruments for entertainers on the go. Sure, they’re big and can be kind of heavy, but it’s easy to find a travel case, they don’t need other accompanying instruments, and, really, who doesn’t love a sing along? The only problem is that electric guitar players or those acoustic-electric mix players who want to reach a crowd need to haul an amp with them in addition to their guitar, and then find a place to plug it in. Luckily, Roland has a solution – a rechargeable amp. Compact but powerful, this amp can also stream wirelessly from your phone, and sports AUX input for a second instrument. It’s a high-quality solution from a top music and electronics brand.

Revolutionary Healthcare

Useful as they may be, a lot of the rechargeable devices on the market today are relatively frivolous, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, med-tech companies are doing groundbreaking work with rechargeable technology that’s allowing them to meet patients’ medical needs in new ways. One such example is the StimRouter from Bioness, a neuromodulator used for pain control. Designed with a rechargeable patch, the device can reduce or eliminate the need for opioids and also allows patients to avoid more invasive treatments like nerve blocks or spinal cord stimulators. This is a revolutionary device when considered from a quality of life perspective.

Rechargeable tech has a wide range of applications, and we’re only going to see more advanced versions come to market over the next few years. Whether it’s a rudimentary rechargeable battery or a high-tech medical device, though, this is an exciting time. Where will your rechargeables take you?

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