Web based type of help desk software


Help desk software is perfect at handling various customer requests, ensuring prompt responses to clients’ requests, providing chat support for customers and tracking online query status of all current assignments.

Help desk software will be invaluable for those who want to manage the customer support effectively and often find themselves at a loss while trying to find missing data or to handle volumes of important information in short time.

List of the web-based software main benefits

Web-based version of this software has benefits that users may find attractive and time-saving. Among the most useful there are:

  • Online help desk ticketing system, that is accessible from anywhere with just a browser, works on smartphones and any other gadgets;
  • Every employee of a company has an access to the database and is able to manage all the information or to add new attachments. Even being in other parts of the world it is possible to work effectively;
  • The level of safety is higher as all information is stored on a server and cannot be lost or critically damaged by an employee. All connections to the service desk application is protected by SSL and the cloud technology ensures safety of all information due to the hardware failures;
  • Availability of application for iOS and Android to download. With user-friendly interface and 2-way email-integration it is a real pleasure to work remotely. Using this app it is also possible to add attachments, manage your information and access all tickets. This app is light and able to operate fast even with slow Wi-Fi connection.

How is help desk software affecting your productivity?


It is possible to find a high-quality help desk for a reasonable price that will boost anyone’s productivity. Downloading this software only once your company will be provided with an access to the database for an unlimited number of employees to work with tickets. That means that there is no need to pay for every member of your team as any manager of yours will be able to track assets, follow the operational status, to attach screenshots of PDF files to tickets or to change them, to add data or simply to maintain and to update tickets. Your clients will be satisfied with quick responses and your managers will spend less time organizing workflow as they will have the chance to prioritize their assignments by managing status, positioning responsible employee and setting a due date. Moreover, all the relevant emails or chats will be attached to a corresponding ticket.

Having a web based version of this software will be extremely handy and will save a lot of time. This software package has all the needed tools for optimizing one’s workflow and making it less stressful; any company will benefit from buying web-based software.

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