Ways to Improve your Spellings

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Well, this is what happens with all the recruiters out there when your application forms or mails have spelling errors.

Writing skill

Spellings are important enough to communicate when using written mediums.

This will cause your chances to get real slim in terms of being selected. Though, not always but at times it does leave an impression.

Working on spellings is essential not only from the work point of view but also in routine life.

Wondering if it’s too late?

Nah! It’s never too late to learn anything new. Read on to know some areas that you could work on to improve your spellings.

  • First and foremost is to read and write! Just do a lot of these two things and that’ll be enough for starters. Looking at words continuously will store them in your memory and make it easy to remember the spellings the next time. While you read, make sure to read loudly so that you can pay attention to the sound of each alphabet.
  • If you have difficulty in remembering longer words, always divide that word into smaller sections. Like, take a word, for example, environment. This can be read as an envir-on-ment.
  • Remember how during our school days, we had dictation as a part of our curriculum. Well, you can resort to that even now. Every day take around 30 words and write them down on a paper. Check for their spellings and make a list of the words that are misspelled. Next time sit with those and memorize them with a test of only those words.
  • Another interesting way could be while playing various word games like scrabble or solving jumbled words. While placing the alphabets in the correct order to form a meaningful word, your spellings will be up to check as well.
  • Often we find ourselves go wrong with spellings of the words we don’t know the meaning of. Therefore, for some time till you are confident, make the dictionary your best friend! Lookup a word you don’t understand, read its meaning and next time try picturing it in your mind. You’ll never get the spelling wrong.
  • Get fluent in the language. When you speak, automatically the pronunciation will help you understand what alphabets to use.
  • For some time you could use books for children that have simpler words. Once familiar with that, you can level up to complex ones.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can adopt. However, remember that you are an individual with unique capabilities and different potentials thus what may work for me, won’t work for you. Hence, explore and search for your distinctive method of remembering and being better at spellings.

Don’t just ignore the fact that you are bad at it. Accept and embrace it because a will to learn and get better will put a lot more focus in you and a determination like never before. Take interest in the language and don’t give up.

What’s important to know is that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody has their weak spots but what keeps them weak is not wanting and not trying to get better and learn.

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