Watch Made Using Ash From Eyjafjallaj kull Volcano

Romain Jerome has been known to peddle one-of-the-kind very limited edition watches, including the Day&Watch Watch, that despite its $300,000 price tag, sold out in a mere 48 hours, and the Titanic Watch, made using actual remains from the tragically fated White Star Line ship. And you can’t expect anything less sensational from the Eyjafjallajkull-DNA Watch.

The dial for the DNA is made using actual ash from the Icelandic Eyjafjallajkull volcano, the same one which has caused so much drama in the world of air travel as of late. Romain Jerome only made one of these babies, so you can expect the price to be about as out of this world as the concept. Can we expect a mass-production? That’s still yet to be seen.

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