Want Your Genetic Info for $10k? There’s an App for That

If you have some extra cash to throw around, you can pay a company called Illumina $9,500 to get your genes analyzed (this is actually a price drop from the previous cost of $19,500). If you’re suffering from a life-threatening condition, the price drops to ‘just’ $7,500. If you have cancer, you get 2 for $10,000! What a deal.

Once you’ve shelled out the cash, you can gain access to an exclusive iPad application called “MiGenome”, which was displayed at the third annual Consumer Genetics Show in Boston on June 8th. Because, obviously if you’ve just dropped $10k to check out your genes, you’ll have an iPad, right? Here’s how Illumina hopes to monetize gene sequencing to help improve the future of medicine:

“By… developing tools like our new �MiGenome� iPad application, we believe that we can significantly accelerate the adoption of individual genome sequencing which will, in turn, pave the way to a future where an individual�s genome sequence informs and personalizes his healthcare.� Illumina President and CEO Jay Flatley

The MiGenome iPad application allows you to manage your genetic information in real time, as well as providing a visual representation of your genetic profile.

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